Wednesday, February 19, 2014

World View Perspective: Cellular Grace

Faith can open our heart to Love and Love connects us to a higher Source of Light and Truth.  Our Soul Self receives this transforming energy and enlightens and illuminates all parts of our being.  When this happens, we feel inspired, uplifted and guided to a new awareness.  However, the densest aspect of being human is found in our physical body.  Our human body is designed to withstand pressure through many growth cycles as it keeps us alive and thriving.  That is certainly how it appears to us inside the body.  The physical body has its own intelligence too.  As Love begins to evolve, as it has been doing, the actual physical cells in our body must also begin to shift and change.  When a wind storm approaches, documentation reveals that the behavior of small children shifts and changes as a result of the incoming transformational energy of the wind's intensity.  This is a similar process to Love's evolutionary energy on our collective physical consciousness.  The actual cells in our body must begin to open in consciousness to the highest vibration of Love.  As this occurs we will begin to vibrate Pure Love, which is our truest nature and it will also have a positive effect on all around us.

Friday, February 14, 2014

World View Perspective: Love as an intelligence

Love is an intelligence that lives in the heart of us all.  It is a force of positive energy that enhances and expands our ability to feel and communicate compassion. It allows us the ability to forgive ourselves and others, which renews our deepest self in every moment that we surrender what has happened in the past.  Love is a force that Loves endlessly and truthfully as it engages our faith in Love itself.  Love aligns us with the Divine within us.  Love echoes an all encompassing positive vibration out into the world, generating the greater and greater ability for us all to expand our consciousness, extend our learning and enhance our growth and development as spiritual and human beings.  Love invites our True Self to come to the foreground, where joy is effortless.  When we know we are Love Itself, our life changes to embrace that truth.  The more Love we hold, the more Love we vibrate.  If everything is energy, we contribute positive energy to the collective whole, enabling others to do the same.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

World View Perspective: Higher Perception

When our lives are overwhelmed with responsibilities and duties to others, it is easy to forget that inner and outer balance within ourselves matter too.  When we can take time out to listen to our own heart and soul in the stillness of life, we remember why we are here.  Any tightness and tension we experience in our mind or bodies can be released for peace when we surrender our need to be in control of the outcome to any action. Being true to who we are on the inside, allows us to do our outer life better with more clarity and with a greater feeling of calm. Meditation and contemplation are useful tools to invite in the stillness, which enables us to put things into a truth perspective using higher thought and feeling.  Remembering all of life is energy, we remember the benefits to letting go and letting God.  Trusting God is trusting Love to guide us to the Higher Perception of Life.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

World View Perspective: Positive Health

One of the easiest ways to create a much more positive view of one's self, one's relationships and one's environment is to set our intention on what is positive.  If everything is energy, then setting our most positive intention every day creates the most positive outcome.  Our human system holds onto negative experiences from a very early age.  These memories can be stored in the mind, emotions and/or physical body.  Until or unless we consciously, actively release them, we will continue to carry them forward as if they are still real.  For example, our emotional nature tends to remain in the past if it has suffered trauma in the past.  When we remain attached, identified or reactive as if we are that past, it can keep us at that level of development.  When we have a positive intention each day and keep our system clear of old negativity, we create a positive and healthy space around us.  In that space, our past sense of self can heal. Consequently, we are able to move forward to greater and greater understandings about our self, others and our life.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

World View Perspective: Knowing who we are

Being in a human form allows us to go through a series of growth opportunities that broaden and develop our experiential ideas of life.  The difficulty happens when we attach, identify and react/respond to the experiences as if that is who we are.  The human system is amazing in it's ability to stay in tact when life hurls all kinds of challenges in our path.  The instincts and internal drive we have to survive is impressive and yet if not reviewed and periodically checked we can forget the art of letting go.  Once we have completed ages, stages and phases as well as relationships in our lives, we need to release them in Love as we release ourselves in Love.  Forgiveness and gratitude are useful tools in this regard, allowing us to free the past space in our lives and thoughts.  Once we genuinely surrender them in Love, we naturally open to more experiences of growth, greater expanded thought and higher feeling until we realize who we truly are, the truth of the heart/soul self. Once compassion opens, Love replaces the old notion that we are limited to a past sense of self.