World View Perspective: Our True Self

Through all our ages and stages of growth and development, both human and spiritual, what emerges is a sense of a true self; the one within us who knows.  What this self knows is that we are not separate and we are not alone.  There is a force of Love in the world and we are not separate from that force.  This means that we can sincerely ask the Love we are to assist us in our lives when and as needed.  In exchange, we offer our own Love and gratitude back to the source of Love itself.  The shared Love and gratitude expands our hearts and souls as it returns joy back to our system.  The joy is the recognition that the force of Love wants a dynamic, active, collaborative sincere effort based in gratitude given and received.  Everything is energy and as such, when it is positive, compassionate and loving, more of that effort expands those intentions.  Our true self is itself a most positive consciousness and the consciousness of Love is what helps to transform our selves and the world.  We all expand through the consciousness of Love.


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