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World View Perspective: Our Soul

When we only think of ourselves as being just a mind and physical body, we can over indulge our senses and lose sight of what is important.  When we activate our inner sense of being a soul, through opening our heart, a more meaningful feeling comes.  A fresher and bigger perspective of what is valuable comes through the eyes of the soul, which is the broader view of who we are.When we connect to the larger soul based perspective, a much more balanced life results.  We eventually come to understand that our soul connects us to One Soul and that Soul is Love.  Love is our true nature and once we embrace that, Peace is most possible for ourselves, our lives, others and the world.It is then the harmony in the heart and soul that leads the way.

World View Perspective: Gratitude for the past

Seeing life through the lenses of life lessons, as we look back through our feelings about the past, allows us to heal and make peace within our selves.  Our old self images can be released in Love, allowing a new self to emerge.  Our newer self will always see life in a fresher perspective if the awareness of the learning from the past is embraced, cherished and respected as a valuable tool for further growth and expansion.  If we don't ever leave one grade in school, how would we ever hope to graduate?  All of life continues to move on and when we move on, too, our greater growth is insured.  All of life then becomes a continual blessing of an endless renewal.

World View Perspective: Peace in Understanding Worth

What we are worth is not, in truth, measured by financial means.Our real worth is what is in our hearts in terms of acceptance, understanding, compassion and truth.We are not money, money is an energy and a life force that enables us to live our lives.  When and if we identify with money as a way to define ourselves or someone else, we stop the truth in their heart and soul from being more of what it is and we limit their ability and our own from becoming a greater light in the world.  A fear of lack shows little faith in all that is possible and the fear serves as a wall that prevents the greater opening to trust and truth in abundance.  To experience peace in one's system and life means not identifying with one's money but rather feeling gratitude that it is in our life to enable our lives to go forward.Going forward in positive ways towards one's true aspiration, inspires more abundance to come our way in a natural flow and order of what is correct.  It is a way to alig…

World View Perspective: Our Truth

With a pure aspiration to knowthe truth. it is said, it will not be withheld from us.  Everything is energy.  If any part of our life or self is bound up or wound up in the past or fear of the past, we may be locking and blocking up our own energy.  This energy must be set free so we can continue expanding, evolving and growing into our states of consciousness and accessing our Higher intelligence.Love, Light, Knowledge and Peace surround us every day in every moment.  We are able to experience these states of awareness when we quiet the mind and allow our hearts to open to who we are within. As we remember who we truly are, we can relax, reflect and connect while we let go and Let God, knowing and trusting truth and balance will be restored.This opens the door for Peace to become our reality.

World View Perspective: Letting Go

The joy of consciousness is in the awareness that when we let go and Let God, we shift from an old perspective to a new one.  Carrying burdensin our body, as if they are still true today, only holds us back.  We are on earth to experience life and to learn, grow and develop our awareness and consciousness until we ultimately understand we are not separate from Truth and Love.We are here to expand our knowledge and be in union with our Highest Intelligence.  Letting go in Love and gratitude allows the old to be Lovingly surrendered and the new joyfully embraced.  If a tree wasn't willing to drop all its spring, summer to fall leaves, how would it have room to grow through sprouting the new ones?When we let go, knowing what we experienced was a necessary part of the path we are on in life, we trust we are ready for the next step. Letting go and moving on in faith and trust, ultimately allows us to know all of life is about moving forward to greater and greater understanding, conscio…

World View Perspective: Our True Self

Through all our ages and stages of growth and development, both human and spiritual, what emerges is a sense of a true self; the one within us who knows.  What this self knows is that we are not separate and we are not alone.  There is a force of Love in the world and we are not separate from that force.  This means that we can sincerely ask the Love we are to assist us in our lives when and as needed.  In exchange, we offer our own Love and gratitude back to the source of Love itself.The shared Love and gratitude expands our hearts and souls as it returns joy back to our system.The joy is the recognition that the force of Love wants a dynamic, active, collaborative sincere effort based in gratitude given and received.  Everything is energy and as such, when it is positive, compassionate and loving, more of that effort expands those intentions.  Our true self is itself a most positive consciousness and the consciousness of Love is what helps to transform our selves and the world.We al…

World View Perspective: Inspiration

When we reach for inspiration, we are lifted to heights of great imagination and into an awareness that allows us to create the kind of world we know exits even before we experience it.  Inspiration comes from our heart and soul in response to a positive yearning that carries us naturally into realms of delight, magic and joy.  It carries us out of the mundane and makes life a wondrous dance of simplicity and grace.Inspiration is a gift of spirit and it keeps us aiming higherto where we can aspire to seek union with Love itself.Let life itself inspire you to find out who you are and embrace the joy of the journey.  Fully delight in the union of Love.

World View Perspective: Our True Worth

Our true value and worth is found in the heart of us all.  The intelligence, truth, Love and clarity through the heartreveals how connected we all are and who we really are within.  Compassion for ourselves and others is the understanding and Love that we are not separate from the very Love that ultimately created us.  We can become whole and complete when we allow in the intelligence in the heart as a living, loving truth within us.Our true value and worth is in the recognition and realization that weare always connected through the force of Love.  That connection of Love is eternal, always present and always positively good!