Wednesday, December 31, 2014

World View Perspective: Compassion for those who cannot release the past

A New Year is a refreshing new opportunity to let go and move on from old wounds, confusion, pain and heartache.  Practicing fresh new forgiveness, learning from past experiences and embracing a new self image is healthy and it promotes a greater sense of well being.  The Love inherently found in our Heart knows all we have been through and why.  It knows the impact others have had on our system throughout our lives.  Accessing the Love and Compassion in our Hearts and applying Love to the areas within us that still hurt, allows us, invites us to heal.  With this Loving intention, we feel uplifted and more aligned and attuned with Love itself.  We need not live in misery.  We need not live in fear.  We have experienced it in differing measures and perhaps identified with it but we are, in fact, not misery or fear itself.  Attachment to fear and misery keep us bound to the past.  Just like we change our clothes, wash them and put on fresh items, we can also keep our energy clear and clean, too, by releasing what is old from past identifications. 

As the old story goes, " A young monk and an old monk were walking by a stream.  They came upon a lady who wished to cross.  They had both taken vows to not touch females so the young monk hesitated.  The older monk swept her up and carried her quickly across the stream and set her down.  After two hours of walking together further, the young monk could no longer stand it and stood in front of the older monk, demanding an answer. 'We took vows to not touch women.  You touched her when you carried her across the stream.'  'Yes,' replied the older monk.  'I carried her two minutes, whereas you have carried her for two hours.'

We create heavy burdens for ourselves when we will not let go of the attachments, identification and reactions from the past when they can be Lovingly surrendered and truly released.  Offer them to Infinite Love itself. Being grateful in our Heart and soul for each moment and breath of our life allows us to feel that Love and Compassion we carry without the rest of our system holding onto what is no longer useful for healthy to carry.  Surrender the past negativity to the Love and Compassion in your own Heart and feel how much lighter you feel.  Let in fresh Love and let it become who you are and watch the Loving transformation happen!  May Peace, Love and Compassion be with us all!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

World View Perspective: Compassion sees through the veils of pretense

Human beings are quite skilled at hiding, pretending and masking emotions, feelings, thoughts, reactions and behaviors that might make them unfavorable in the eyes of others.  It helps to preserve the areas where they feel most vulnerable, afraid, susceptible or fragile.  When we access compassion through the awareness of a higher Love found in our highest Heart, there is no further need to cover up our perceived areas of weakness.  The true Force of Love streams right into our consciousness and it clears away all the confusion and removes our locks and blocks until all we know is the Love we are within.  It brings us into the now moment where healing, balance and harmony is able to grow, develop and expand.  Where we 'knot' up with a sense of falsehood, compassion unties that 'knot' and sets us free.  Pain belong to the past and it should be released back to the past for us to get past it.  Compassion reminds us of the Love that surrounds us, sustains us and supports us in the creation and beyond.  Love pervades the universal and cosmic planes of existence and it is in all living and loving beings, no matter how veiled, lost, isolated or hidden we can be.  Love is the energy of life and it provides openings for inspirations, aspirations, unity, connections and Grace.  With true compassion opened, awakened and alive in our systems, Love can and will flood our self with greater truth and resonate more and more with an expanded feeling of Love.  Veils of pretense cannot stand up to compassion just as fear cannot stand up to Love.  Let Love through, feeling and filling yourself with true compassion.  Become that Love you are already!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

World View Perspective: Compassion with courage can change the world.

When compassion becomes action along with courage, people, projects and purpose can change the world.  It becomes a force for positive change in the world.  True heart felt compassion and courage are both deep Love in action.  To become empowered, we need to access the powers of compassion, action and courage in order to bring about positive results.  Standing for what is in our Heart of hearts brings justice, balance, peace and correct action for many who would otherwise remain silent.  Uprisings for greater change must be fueled by true intent to make right what has been imbalanced or societies will not progress and human beings cannot continue to evolve, shift and change.  The world stage is currently going through many processes of change.  Old structures are breaking down so a greater fairness and balance can come.  Those wanting to maintain a solid structure will and do fight to keep what has previously been their domain.  It takes sheer determination to continue standing for and creating change.  Yet change must happen for ultimate harmony to flourish.  Equality is an imperative and it starts with becoming consciously Compassionate about where the imbalances and inequalities have been.  Once that is determined, standing for how to bring about the balances must be done.  With a Heart full of courage and a committed stand for Compassion, equality can happen.  The Force of Love is a strong and committed way to ensure positive change can and will happen for us all.

Monday, December 15, 2014

World View Perspective: Compassion is without judgment

To consciously surrender self judgment and judgment towards others, allows our high Heart to open to compassion.  When we are experiencing Compassion towards our self and others, judgment is absent.  Judgment is a negative and constricted view and perspective which effectively locks and blocks us in.  Loving, active Compassion flows freely without restriction and fills us with joy, truth and Love.  It unites us with Source instead of preventing us from feeling the Oneness of life.  When we think or feel as if we are separate from the Source of Infinite Love, then negativity, judgment and falsehood can derail us from our greater truth, Love and Compassion.  Consequently, we get pulled into a closed minded perspective and evolving or progressing further is inhibited.  Compassion opens the Heart and expands our perspective, inviting, enabling and allowing a greater connection and experience of Source.  In that state, we know nothing is really separate from the Love itself.  The true Force of Love enables and supports the whole of creation and it is not possible to be separate from that Force of Love.  We just have to focus on our Highest Heart to remember who we really are within.  Allowing that Love to and through, resets our energy and vibration to Love, healing and truth because we fill with the true experience of Compassion with nothing in our way!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

World View Perspective: The evolution of Compassion

The world is beginning to alter old perceptions and perspectives in the wake of an evolving consciousness of Compassion.  Old stuck structures are giving way to a newly evolving acceptance of those who have been repressed, oppressed, depressed and suppressed in our societies.  It is revealing itself across the board.  It can be seen as conflicts arising, dark secrets coming to light or areas finally opening to scrutiny in order to cleanse, clear, refresh and renew because clearly truthful change is needed.  In this effort, many things will finally be released that are no longer needed or useful so something much better and bigger can come.  Our collective opening in the Heart is the sign Compassion is finally coming in as a means to live our lives in ways that are more positive, balanced and harmonious for our own self, system and others that surround us.  Self Compassion, Compassion for others we know, for those we don't know, Compassion for earth and Compassion for our lives can and will continue to grow and expand.  In this spirit, we will begin to understand our collective humanity, open to our greater capabilities to Love unconditionally, even those we may not agree with.  We will be able to open our Hearts because it will be time to do so.  It will be time for a new era of positive, energetic and lasting change where people with fresh ideas, innovative perspectives and inspiring visions of all that is possible can come forward.  We will collectively understand that hurting anyone else is the same as hurting our self, acts of greed, jealousy, manipulation or acts of violence only serve to damage and impose harmful effects on us all.  We are all in this together and we will finally understand, through Compassion, that we are not separate from the same Infinite Love that surrounds us all.  By accessing our own Heart's True Compassion, we can uplift our self and all those we love to higher and broader perspectives that consequently access and resonate with even more Love.  Compassionate Love clears the fear and negativity that blocks us all from our Humanity.  As we open our collective Hearts and Minds, an evolving Compassion will show us the way forward to a greater and happier world.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

World View Perspective: Compassion is the Heart's Understanding

When Compassion is activated in us, it is knowledge in the Heart that opens.  Compassion reveals to us our humanity along with our inner connection to the bigger picture.  In a snapshot, we can feel the depth of Love for our self and all we have experienced and the same deep heart-felt response towards others.  This Love is truth through the Heart.  It shows us we are not separate from the force of Love itself.  The truth of Love is dynamic as it is present.  Pure Love cuts through any and all barriers that have false origins.  It is like a lightening strike against a darkened sky, in a flash, all is revealed that the clouds hoped to hide.  When the flashes of Compassion come, all is illuminated because in those moments, the light of Love is present.  Ego may feel real to us but, in fact, that isn't who we really are.  Our Light goes much further and much higher than our ego and the limitations of the ego.  When we only identify with our mind and body, in terms of who we are, we deny the existence of our full and whole self.  Our deeper, higher self is also accessible and once we can access it, a whole new perspective comes with it.  We realize how connected we all are and how, in union through the Heart, through a living Compassion, we can collectively 'lift up" the masses.  Try walking by someone you don't know and sending the energy of Love to them.  Energetically, they can feel it.  They might respond for no apparent reason or just step a bit lighter as they pass by.  We are capable of sending and receiving positive energy to those around us through the Heart and it's intentions.  If we could all experience the Heart's Compassion and pass it on to others to awaken their Hearts, that Love could encircle the globe and transform us all.  When we open to our Heart's understanding through Compassion, we enable others to do the same.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

World View Perspective: Compassionate Joy

When compassion touches our Heart and spreads to another, joy is evident.  Joy moves the soul into positive action.  Like a song makes us want to dance, the feeling of compassion makes us happy to be alive and able to feel the force of positivity.  Compassionate Joy is saying to our human system being alive is a continuing gift from life itself.  It is a true heart-felt expression of genuine care, depth and understanding.  Joy is an active release of Loving Compassion.  Try it for yourself.  Feel as much open Hearted Joy within yourself, let it spread to all parts of yourself; mental, emotional, physical and into the past 'you'.  Feel the power and energy of the Compassionate Joy as it moves your Heart to accept life right now.  Smile, dance, open up to Joy as a living energy and transformational vibration into a continued happiness.  Our system receives so much daily negativity and it can hold and contain any old hurts, pains and discomforts as if they just happened yesterday.  Given all the old, stagnant energy, there simply must be another force, capable of shifting and changing the negativity to a positive energy within us.  Compassionate Joy is such a force for positive change.  It is a real feeling that heals as it lightens our heavy experiences and literally changes the old vibration.  As a positive vibration, it uplifts everything around it.  Watch a baby smile or laugh and so does everyone else.  Accessing our Highest Love energy will shift and change who we are and enable all those we love to feel it as well as the whole world.  Standing for Compassionate Joy is standing for a positive experience in life and supporting and inspiring all of life to do the same.

Monday, November 24, 2014

World View Perspective: Understanding energy through discernment

Accessing the Heart's intelligence, allows us to experience a subtle energy field of intuitive feeling.  As we practice this experience of feeling what aligns with the Heart and what doesn't align, we also realize that we can change the energy we recognize is not who we are inside.  If a fly lands on our arm and we don't want it there, we swat at it and cause it to leave the area.  We have signaled that we don't want it there.  Consequently, it leaves.  If we walk between two people arguing, we can attune to the energy between them. We feel the negative exchange.  We can consciously shift, change and clear our energy field to remove and release their energy because we are aware it doesn't resonate as us.  As this art of clearing is practiced more and more, we become more sensitive and aware of subtle energies.  We also learn to discern our own energy and when it is impacted by others.  Paying attention, we also see how our energy has an effect on others.  When we feel compassionate towards other people, the earth, our life and our self, we are using Love as a positive energy.  The energy of compassion/Compassion is a beautiful, pure, positive energy for transformational purposes.  It comes from the High Heart and it is through the Love we can shift negative, old, stagnant energy into a more uplifting and inspiring experience.  It lightens and brightens our Heart to feel and be in the energy of Loving compassion.  It is the highest source and force for happy and healthy changes to our lives.

Friday, November 21, 2014

World View Perspective: Compassion as a three-way river

If we consider a relationship with Infinite Love, to and through our system into earth, touching all living things as a source of healing, Loving transformation, Compassion is the path to take.  Compassion links us to our humanity, to all living things, to earth itself and it says 'YES' to the universe.  It is like a three-way river of conscious Love, making us aware of how deeply connected we all are in truth.  Separation does not exist when we are attuned to compassion.  Compassion is not a thought, it is a deep and profound feeling found in the High Heart.  It enables us to be conduits allowing freedom of movement with Compassion as the Source and Force for transformational change.  It works in our system to activate unity, understanding and goodness as it frees up stuck, old, immovable energy, carrying it forward and releasing it. Picture a drain in your kitchen that is clogged with old stuck parts of matter; grease, dirt, eggshells and tops of vegetables.  When you add a cleanser, it pushes against the old clutter and sets it free to move forward.  Soon, all the pipes are clean, fresh and vibrating a more positive energy. Compassion works the same way.  It comes to and through us to enlighten, refresh and uplift us as we open to it, invite it in and learn to collaborate with it.  It is Cosmic Love in motion and it touches everything in the most inspiring ways.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

World View Perspective: Compassion for believing we are just the mind and body

It has been said that we only use 5% of our brain.  If that is true and we are identified and attached to just our mind and the body mind we are in, then perhaps we are not using all our intelligence or broader capabilities.  If everything is energy and if we use spiritual applications that assume we are also connected to our spirit, we can recognize and realize that the energy of spirit, of Source, of deeper Heart and soul are also facilities we can develop and utilize for greater and expanded good.  See it like a guitar with multiple strings designed to harmonize all the way out into the universal and cosmic realms as well as our human form and the earth.  As the guitar is played, different vibrations of sound and energy go further out and deeper within.  If we don't know the various strings are available and come with the guitar, we won't realize how profoundly we can play it.  Compassion takes us beyond the realm of just the mind and body to the Infinite Love itself.  We remember we are not separate from it.  When our High Heart is open to Compassion, we know Love on a High scale.  From that stronger platform, we see how much suffering and misery is locked in the human body and mind and therefore the world.  In our expanded view, we recognize and realize we are not that suffering and misery.  We recognize it because we are using another facility.  Albert Einstein implied that we can't use the same facility that created a problem to solve the problem.  We must use a different facility to solve it.  The different facility is an open Heart and expanded intellect, full of compassion.  Compassion is the energy we need to overcome our own misery and suffering and to know we are more than our limited body and mind.  Compassion is the energy of transformation.

Monday, November 10, 2014

World View Perspective: Fear loses its grip through Compassion

When fear grips our system, holding it too tight, Compassion is the force that allows it, invites it to let go.  Fear is so often not real.  Some have said it stands for False Evidence Appearing Real: FEAR.  Fear contracts our system because of our response to it.  Compassion opens our system to Love, Faith, Trust and Peace, all of which expand us.  We grow in Consciousness through Compassion and we pull back from life through the grip of fear.  Fear assumes the worse, Compassion supplies the best.  Love wants us to expand our perspective through Love, fear wants to control us through fear.  If our human system represents structure that houses our spirit; our relationship to Source, the fear is housed in our body because fear lives in the system.  Source and spirit, Love itself, is also all around us and also within us.  By opening our heart to and through Compassion and consciously applying it to our fear in the body, fear cannot stay stuck. Compassion lifts the fear and dissolves it through Love as a positive force for change.  It is a higher vibration and a higher Light.  When we apply Light to darkness, the Light illuminates what has been blocked and locked.  Fear is a strong lock and block in a system.  Our greatest fear is that we won't survive.  Any part of the system can get knotted up by this unconscious fear.  Once we open our higher Heart to feel and experience Compassion, we realize we are 'knot' the fear.  We begin surrendering the tight, unconscious fear to the Love of Compassion.  Fear takes the form of many things and it is the breeding ground for negativity.  Compassion sets us free of fear through the positive presence of Love, all of which we already are within.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Dissolving misery through Compassion

Like a mother's tears can dissolve a child's pain and misery after a fall, compassion dissolves any human misery we carry.  It isn't just through recognizing it, realizing it or wanting the misery to go.  It is something deeper.  The compassion shows us who we are and not just what happened to us.  We can have compassion just for our own confusion about who we are and who we aren't.  The more compassion we apply, the more we surrender the misery and fill with more Love, acceptance and understanding, which clears the way.  Much of our human misery comes from holding onto the past and believing we are that.  Instead of the perspective that we are more about the energy of Love and Compassion, accessible right now.  Unresolved and trapped energy in our bodies and minds acts like locks and blocks to our greater consciousness, awareness and true heart felt compassion.  To move that old energy out and through, the energy of compassion is a reliable application.  It is like using a bright flashlight in a dark cave of self-doubt.  Once you see your way into and through it, using the light, the darkness cannot hide.  With an open Heart of Love, we begin to realize we are not the misery.  Our Heart instead shows us we are the Love and the action of that Love is compassion/Compassion.  Compassion releases the withheld misery and allows us to actively, consciously fill our system with the energy of Compassion.  Creating the space where Love can remain our constant, positive and healing force for transformational change.

Monday, November 3, 2014

World View Perspective: Compassion for the human experience

Honoring and respecting all aspects of the human experience, along with the gift of discernment, compassion is the best application to uplift the entire experience.  Gratitude and forgiveness are useful, positive and inspiring energies that accentuate our compassion.  Love itself has great Compassion for us.  Love itself as a Universal, Cosmic force understands the human experience and behaviors, as well as the pain, struggle and misery we all experience.  When we consciously, actively open our hearts to that higher level of Love and acceptance, along with discernment, we realize that it is through the Heart; it's Love, understanding and compassion, all other human experiences, in terms of any withheld negativity, are released.  Compassion wants us to surrender any misery to it so we can instead, fill with self-compassion until full, spilling out onto the whole of life.  A heart full of Love and Compassion vibrates that joy effortlessly to others, allowing more to transform and change the overall vibration of where we stand and all that we see.  Every age and stage of life has merit, validity and purpose when seen through the eyes of development and growth; physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.  The point is to keep going and growing through opening our heart and minds to higher and higher experiences of Love and joy.  To do that, aspire to open, know and experience compassion/Compassion and invite compassion to be your constant companion in Love, right into your human experience!

Friday, October 31, 2014

World View Perspective: Misplaced compassion

Everything is energy, including compassion.  To open our High Heart and experience compassion, to our self and towards others, Love flows unhindered towards the objects of our heart felt compassion.  Like waves on a lake surround an island as it laps it with an almost Loving embrace, allowing and inviting it to shift, change and transform through positive effort and intention.  However, if there is a poison released from the island, it would soon poison the lake.  In that case, the wisest thing for the water to do would be to pull back and direct the fluid energy in a new direction.  Perhaps towards a more open, worthy and receptive place, willing to receive the positive effort of the compassion.  Sometimes, the signal comes that more compassion is the answer.  The more the resistance, the more the compassion.  Yet, if the giver of compassion is becoming drained, strained or pained, it is appropriate and timely to stand further back and reassess the situation.  Compassion fills our heart and soul with Loving energy as a two-way communication with Love itself.  If we have misplaced our compassion, it may be most appropriate to turn it inward to our self and fill with more open and receptive Love within us.  Once we are full of Heart, our compassion is again ready to flow in the direction of the next call for compassion.  We make this assessment by noticing how sharing our compassion makes us feel.  When we notice the compassion and Love goes back and forth, it will continue to grow and flow correctly and with greater positive outcome.  If we become aware we don't feel positive or welcomed or respected with our efforts, over time, we must consider our compassion has likely been misplaced.  As long as we respect our compassion, we will remain open to the experience of compassion/Compassion within our self, flowing both ways, and be able to offer more as we fill with more open Loving compassion.

Monday, October 27, 2014

World View Perspective: Clarity with Compassion

Compassion awakens our deepest understanding of human nature.  It flows through us like a shimmering stream in nature, paving the way for clarity and a more profound connection to the greater whole of life.  It makes clear what has blocked or locked the system or what has been impacted by negative thoughts and feelings throughout time.  Compassion brings us the clear picture of what happened and how our reactions and responses may have created even more difficulties for ourselves and others.  As we use the pure Heart energy of Compassion to go back through the past actions of others and our self, we begin to see how unconscious human nature can be and how it effects us all. Yet, even in the unconsciousness, it lights the way for more and more open and positive development and growth seen through the eyes of Compassion.  It awakens us to all positive possibilities.  At the very core of us and life is Love as a constant force of positive, pure and experiential energy that is universal and cosmic in nature.  We cannot be separate from it; it is impossible to be.  The whole of creation is sustained by Love and in our heart of Hearts, true Compassion unites us with this pure force always.  Becoming conscious of it within our Heart and trusting the clarity that comes, we are assured to be forever in union with Love.  Knowing we are not separate from Love itself, through heart felt Compassion, it is much easier to remain positive, happier, healthier and more true to who we really are within.  This is the ultimate goal of our true aspiration and attainment.  To learn to know who we are in the Heart through our Loving and present Compassion.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

World View Perspective: Applying Compassion to the past

Experiences and lessons from the past often cloud our vision and ideas of who we are in the present and even influence the future of our lives.  They pass through our minds like clouds in the sky and when they grab our attention and become real, it can feel as if they are still 'holding court' within us.  When we apply heart-felt Compassion for past experiences that allowed us to let go, move forward, grow and mature, we should be grateful and let the past go back to where it should be.  Let it be an experience we had before and not something we continue having.  In this way forgiveness and gratitude for our past becomes our way of life as we open our mind and heart to more Compassion for all of our life experiences.  Compassion fills our system with Love and acceptance as we release from the past attachments to the learning and growth that took place.  Like a seed that first starts in a hardened shell.  As it grows and develops, it sheds the shell and expands as the plant or flower it is meant to be.  It continues to move forward in it's growth and movement as it is destined to do.  Without releasing from the earlier stages, it would inhibit it's intended growth cycle.  Love for each age and stage of our life is what allows us the ability to go and grow.  Applied Compassion for all we have known and learned, keeps us healthier, more positive and more present now.  Compassion keeps our Heart open, happy and full, adding meaning and a higher purpose to our lives.  Welcome Compassion into your past and be grateful in each moment that Compassion allows you to grow with more acceptance and enhanced Love for all of life, including yourself.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

World View Perspective: Compassion for the unconscious

All of life is a growing and expanding learning experience.  Throughout our various ages and stages development, both human and spiritual, we shift and change in order to grow and learn more about who we are and who we aren't.  As we go through a variety of cycles, we awaken and realize that previous choices were maybe not the most positive, useful or life enhancing as others for our greater health, balance and happiness.  Once we realize this, we seek to actively make positive choices through surrendering the previous selections and working towards what is much more inspiring for our overall well being.  It gets easier then to throw away that part of our self in negative ways instead of having compassion for all our efforts, even while we were unconscious in our choices.  When we have compassion for our old choices, no matter what it yielded or what the results were, we stand in a much healthier, happier, accepting place than if we 'turn against' our self in the process.  Self forgiveness and self compassion enhance forgiveness and compassion for all and the restoration of positive thinking and feeling as our base.  Why scold a three year old harshly for doing what three year olds do but by the time they are ten or sooner, releasing the old behaviors should have been done, valued, appreciated and outgrown.  Our growth and maturity is the same.  No need to beat our self up for being unconscious, instead Love yourself through conscious Compassion and move forward into more and more Consciousness and Compassion, letting go of the old and becoming refreshed and new, trusting the deeper Love you are inside.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

World View Perspective: Allowing Compassion in

Our human system is comprised of many different layers and levels of awareness.  When we consciously open our Heart to accept Compassion for ourselves, that transforming Love can enter and 'shine' into all parts of our life, system, our past and any previously blocked areas. Love as a Source and Force for healing, balance and harmony, unlocks places of fear that have kept us from realizing and recognizing who we are within.  Life can be a bumpy ride and our system can take many hits.  The Highest Love understands this and frees up those burdens and blockages.  See it like a stream full or rocks.  With a steady and constant stream of water (consciousness of Compassion), the flow moves freely over and around those burdens until, over time, the sharp edges are worn smooth and become flexible, eventually giving way to the softness of fluidity.  Compassion, once allowed in and welcomed moves about freely releasing any and all negativity in our system, through time, that is no longer needed, wanted, useful or doesn't belong to us anymore.  It clears the fears of negativity, providing more space for greater and greater Compassion for ourselves, others, our life and the world.  Allowing Compassion in, is accepting a living Grace that will restore and balance and harmonize our self and our life, bringing into our systems a greater feeling of peace and happiness.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

World View Perspective: Healing sadness through Compassion

Of all the human emotions and systematic human experiences we can feel, sadness is a very difficult and heavy energy on our system and in our life.  Instead of discerning we are not the actual sadness we carry versus being aware that something in our system is sad, we can easily identify with it as if it is who we are in truth.  In truth, we are the awareness that we are not the actual sadness.  Our true intelligence is awareness and consciousness, which allows us to witness our system rather than identify, react, respond or attach to how our system is feeling.  If a wound has occurred in the past, we can still feel it as if it just happened.  Our personal emotional levels of human awareness and experience do not know time and therefore, cannot discern the wound happened in the past.  By recognizing and realizing a wound in our system or life exists and by consciously surrendering it to the true Heart's Compassion, found in the Heart of Hearts in each of us, the sadness can begin to release and heal.  The Love itself takes heavy, no longer useful old energy and shifts, changes and transforms it so it is useful in a much more positive way.  Forgiveness and gratitude assist us in this process.  The past experiences allow us and invite us to grow, expand, mature and move forward.  For this reason, we must remain grateful for the ultimate growth each experience brings into our life.  Sadness can lock and block our system from receiving positive, Loving energy.  Let it go consciously by welcoming true Compassion in to carry it away and be replenished by fresh, new revitalizing healing energy.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

World View Perspective: Intelligent compassion

Often in society, human aspects of 'feeling' are considered weak, unnecessary or not useful.  It can make us feel too vulnerable, too open, too sensitive and too susceptible to being hurt or taken advantage of in day to day life with others.  Yet, true compassion is an intelligent Heart experience of deeper understanding and conscious awareness.  It comes from a higher awareness perspective; the truth about our common wholeness and human experience.  As an old adage once stated so succinctly, "I once cried that I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet."  Author unknown.

Intelligent compassion is a living grace that enables us to Love unconditionally all aspects of life through the deeper understanding that all of life is necessary, ultimately for further soul growth, and to open us to a more Loving perspective found in our High Heart.  The same intelligent compassion also opens us to any locks or blocks in our system where we also shut down to prevent further vulnerabilities or pain. It opens us through allowing Love in to replace the pain or resistance. The Compassion is a life giving force of Love that maintains and sustains the whole of life.  It is within us and it surrounds us as we consciously Love the Love we are within. As that Love continues to grow and expand, first with us and from us into others, it continues to flow into earth as it touches all around us.  In that way, Love carries us home to the greater wholeness and harmony found in the common unity of Heart!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

World View Perspective: Compassion for our lowest sense of worth

When we have experienced our lowest sense of self worth, that is the time to open our highest Heart to receive our inner strength of compassion and understanding. Just like a child, after having a difficult day at a school, comes home angry, stressed, disappointed and hurt and they turn to their mother for comfort and reassurance.  Through the depth of our own Heart comes the very Love we seek that allows us, invites us to let go and to heal.  In the human system there is a great capacity to feel such despair and to reach such compassion.  As we aspire higher and higher to grow and expand our understanding about life and Love, more of our Heart opens. It can flood us with the very Love we seek to bring comfort through the vast understanding that is inherent in the Heart as a source of endless compassion. Union with the Love that is not separate from us is a source of Joy and fulfillment.  When we can experience the Love we each are and Love that Love fully, we embrace that very source of Love itself and once we know we are not separate, we are overwhelmed by that energy of union.  It becomes a source of energy we can tap daily through forgiveness, gratitude and deep appreciation.  Our lowest sense of self is a systematic experience and lives within our human structure; our physical bodies.  When our highest Heart opens to experience our Heart's Compassion, the source of Love is present.  That Love can and does heal our systematic physical human body through releasing what is not Loving, transforming it into joy!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

World View Perspective: The Consciousness of Compassion

The consciousness of compassion is a dynamic force.  If a mother sees her child is about to be hit by a car, she doesn't gently stroll out into the street to prevent the accident, she jumps in and takes immediate action.  The consciousness of compassion can come to and through our system in, at least, four distinct ways.  One way is Loving, gentle and kind with a true heart's understanding and with sweet support.  Secondly, it can strike hard and fast like lightening in the moment it is needed to break open what has been hardened, closed and false. Thirdly, the consciousness of the compassion can stand strong and clear and just bring the truth forward into the situation.  Lastly, the consciousness can simply do what has to be done to bring balance, harmony and peace through the simplest of day to day actions and tasks.  What is clear is the pure intention of compassion.  To bring resolve through Love and to clear the fear.  Love is more powerful than fear and the Consciousness of Compassion simply seeks Compassionate Collaborators to ensure that all locks and blocks to Love, Truth and Joy are revealed and removed to restore Peace to us all, mankind and the earth.  It takes an open Heart, an open mind and a willingness to seek our highest aspiration for positive change, believing Peace is possible through positive action.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

World View Perspective: Compassionate Collaborators

If we imagine our open Heart connected to Compassion as a pathway all the way up to the highest Love possible and down through our entire human system into earth, all the animals and all of mankind, a joy spreads quickly through us reflecting a deep gratitude for the wholeness of life.  When we can open our Heart in such a way, we become active conscious Compassionate Collaborators with Love itself.  Our human system becomes a conduit for positive energy to flow and touch every part of life, enabling peace and joy as energy, having a positive, healthy and happy impact on our system, others in our life and our environment, enhancing our life.  Everything is energy and when we consciously actively make it positive energy, everything resonates with that same energy.  To awaken and enliven life and our system, Love is the constant to seek.  The purity of faith in the force of Love itself enables everything to fall into place at the right time in the right way.  The more we continue aspiring towards becoming Compassionate Collaborators, the more the same energy responds, transforming our thoughts, feelings and actions into a force for positive change.

Friday, October 3, 2014

World View Perspective: Compassion clears our unconsciousness

Compassion for our self is the deeper Loving respect and clearing energy that can awaken our self to our Self, especially when we are deeply confused and misunderstanding an occurrence or situation. With a sincere aspiration to know what we cannot see, fathom or comprehend, Compassion is a Loving, positive force that gently guides us to our own discoveries that enable our continued growth and expansion.  Through Love, we can awaken and begin releasing what has caused the confusing experience and show us the clear and positive steps to take to restore inner balance and harmony, pushing out what was not previously
understood.  Like an onion, this awareness peels us back until the core of clarity reveals itself as we aspire to know and understand through clear realization.  As the Living, conscious Grace, which is Compassion in motion, operates in our system, always purifying, removing and taking out what has blocked our awareness, we will grow!  This upward movement, combined with our continued aspiration to seek greater truth and understanding, we are able to gain further and further insight into how the force of Love works as a collaborative, dynamic energy for positive and ongoing change.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

World View Perspective: The True Purpose of Heart

The pure knowingness found in our Heart is our true link to Love itself as a force for positive healing, positive health and change.  The many dimensions of the Heart knows the depth and breath of a higher Truth and our entire journey.  The Love within our Heart is wise, constant and filled with Compassion as we are guided to deeply understand the reason for all that has transpired in our life.  On the soul's journey, we go through so many experiences, sensations and lessons that guide us towards our physical, emotional, mental and psychological development as we grow and mature.  Spiritually we can also grow and expand along with our greater consciousness and keen awareness as we begin to discern who we are and who we aren't while aspiring to know the truth and the purpose to our lives.  We go through many roles and rules on our path to enlightened understanding and we find, just like outgrowing old clothes, the day comes when letting go is necessary.  That for the sake of the soul, we must continue on in order to reach the true fulfillment of our pure aspirations.  Our wise Heart guides us beautifully towards that goal through the purity of a most Loving Compassionate Grace.  When we can trust the kind and Loving whispers within our own true Heart, which is the Loving guidance, we begin to know why we are here and our purpose as we continue to accept the inner Grace of the Love Itself.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

World View Perspective: Compassion as action for change

The energy of compassion in an open Heart becomes a living, Loving Grace.  It comes to clear the mind, body and emotions of all that we have lived with and been identified with throughout our lifetime.  The opening of our compassion to the higher Compassion is our two way channel to the Highest Love there is.  It allows us the clarity, communication and healing we all seek and know can happen in experiential ways.  It is a dynamic force for positive change.  It opens us to a greater and greater truth, where we can see beyond and above all the pain and misery.  It is through the High Heart that we can feel and heal what is real.  We truly connect to all that is sacred from all that has been scared.  It is the human link to the Pure Love itself and working with it, through our pure aspiration to do so, invites it in to bathe us in the full glory of that healing force of Love itself.  It is the gift of Love's unity that enlightens and brightens our system and our self through the living Compassion, which is the dynamic steam of positive consciousness.  It is living a conscious life without judgment towards our self and without judgment for all others too.  Embracing compassion/Compassion, we embrace Love for all things and welcome in a live, dynamic force for positivity, expansion and growth!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

World View Perspective: The Coming of Compassion

When the 'raw' emotions of unresolved fears threaten to divide and conquer us all, it becomes a 'war' like state of mind.  When we are divided within ourselves, one aspect of our self tears at the other.  Sometimes it is experienced as mind versus heart because, at times, our mind has one agenda and our heart has another.  In terms of survival, often the mind in the human body wins out against the wisdom of the Heart.  As the energies of anger, fear, greed and control are beginning to threaten so many people world wide, with even nature wrecking havoc, the most positive perspective to have and maintain is the opening to true faith in the coming of Compassion.  When our high Heart can open to a truthful understanding of the human situation versus the power of our sense of being separate from others, which creates so much strife, and realize instead that it is through the Heart that we are all truly connected and it is because of Love that we are here, then the world can and will change.  When our false perceptions of division are realigned with the truth that we are not separate from Love itself, that movement towards the truth of a living union with the highest Love will welcome in the positive change we all truly seek at our core level.  When we shift our perceptions from the inside out, true change will come and endure, not just for one but for the many and, indeed, for the world.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

World View Perspective: Real feeling is real healing

When we tune into how we really feel, we can discover that we don't really feel so positive in our mind, body or emotional, psychological nature.  Some aspect of our experienced self is out of sorts, balance or harmony.  If we open our high Heart and higher mind, we can feel a stronger Love that can open and cleanse what has grown stagnant and old within our human structure.  Our higher Heart is aligned and attuned to the force and source of Love itself.  It is a real feeling that allows for a true healing, a rebalance of who are aspiring to be, which is a higher aspect of our current experience. This higher source is found in the depth of our Heat Soul Self and the realization of it enables us to heal our own system and continuously shift it, change it and heal it through rebalancing our energies with much higher and purer energies.  It is a real feeling experiencing this healing and consequently to continue evolving and expanding into who we really are within.  Bringing this healing harmony into and through our lives is the truly experienced transformation and it opens us to truly living life in touch with our Heart's true harmony.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

World View Perspective: Shifting our emotional sense of self

It may seem easy to Love our self and be able to forgive our self and others.  Certainly the more we practice it, the more we feel the ease of letting go of any ill will we may have harbored.  Yet, what if we were consciously able to have a sense of inviting Infinite Love into our emotional nature so our self Love reflects the Infinite Love?  Just imagine that experience!  Now we are free of any old emotional responses and reactions from any time in our life until now.  All is forgiven, all is understood, all is clear on our side and theirs, just how would we feel, truly feel?  With that depth and breath of release, would we not know Peace, Love and Compassion in one heart beat that could last the rest of our life?  If our mind and Heart could open to feel and receive Infinite Love along with Trust and Faith in the Love itself, Love itself could fill that very space and place where old stuck negative thoughts and feelings have been.  It is like a pond once stagnant now filled with refreshing happy and healthy water where the sun reflects brightly.  When we sincerely and dearly surrender the past wounds to our higher power, we offer up who we aren't and receive back that greater and greater sense of who we are.  Who we are is the Love that responds.  That Love is already within just waiting.

Friday, September 5, 2014

World View Perspective: Using Love to refresh our soul

Love is a universal, cosmic force of purity, truth and Goodness.  It fills us with Compassion and Grace.  It adds to our well being and after we are fill, it flows to all of those around us.  After we have been stuck in our system and our life for some time, our soul may need some refreshing.  Our consciousness may need to be rebooted.  When we aspire to know who we really are, as we consciously open our Heart to greater and greater depths, that Love as a force can come to and through our system and flood and flush us with a healing power that only our highest Love can do.  Our cells are thirsty for awareness and the realization that we, too, are energy and Light.  The dull, heaviness that has clouded our awareness and human system weighs us down disabling us from seeing and understanding our clearer vision and purpose.  When we consciously, actively seek Love to come and show us the way, opening our Heart to both give and receive, we collaborate with Love itself.  As we practice this more and more consciously, great new openings come and more of who we are is revealed.  The more this happens, the more we resonate with Love as Love is.  In that way, our system, our environment and others all around us are uplifted too.  This is the experience of transformation.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

World View Perspective: With an open Heart

With an open Heart, we see and know we are not separate.  Life, earth, our self, other people and even our breath is part of a whole that is awareness itself.  We Love without condition and every cell in our bodies opens to all that is possible.  It may be just felt or experienced in a quick passing of time but when it is, we know we are completely present and it is all an act of Grace.  Any blocks or locks in our system are just waiting to be opened, cleansed and healed of whatever debris has not been resolved.  It is through the Heart that all of life is understood, welcomed and known because it is through the Heart that compassion is born.  Compassion is a Loving Grace that enables acceptance, deepens hope and brings an instant new attunement through the healing.  When we know compassion for our self, we can know it for all of mankind.  With the presence of Love there is the presence of Peace and in that stillness, all things align in harmony.  Imagine a world with that much experienced beauty.  Your Heart is already there.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

World View Perspective: Undoing the knot

When we allow the Light we are into the knot we aren't, the knot begins to unravel to allow in, invite in who we are!  Just like when old clothes no longer fit who we have become, we must open up our closets and clear the space.  As we let go of who we aren't, who we are now has the space and place to fill it.  The True Self brings clarity, purpose and a clearer intention as it unites us with the bigger truth of who we are. Our physical body contains intelligence, too, and when we can hear it we can also release the knots within it we have been carrying around and identifying with, consciously or unconsciously.  To lighten our density guides us closer to our destiny.  Consciously bringing Light into our own darkness, lifts up our entire life experience.  See it like a coal miner's light.  With it, he can see through the darkness and, therefore, brighten his path.  We are surrounded by the same Infinite Light that we are within.  This conscious light of Consciousness itself wants to make conscious all that is currently 'knot' conscious in us.  Allow it to work it's wonder enabling our wholeness to come forward and prosper.

Friday, August 29, 2014

World View Perspective: When light enters darkness

When a room has not been 'enlightened' for a long time, the musty, rusty effects can distort the brilliance of the Light itself until it slowly adjusts itself.  When we have had a closed heart, mind and emotional aspect in our system for too long, as illumination enters from our own Heart's Compassion of Love and Understanding, the result can be an explosion of energy and a breaking down of walls.  Hardness results in our system when something makes us consciously or otherwise, shut down a part of ourselves in an effort to protect what appears too sensitive. That shield of armor, while effective, can trap us in our physical bodies and hold us back from who we really are.  Down the road this hardness can effect our health and well being.  Trusting the Light and Love that naturally surrounds us and is within us allows us to soften and allow that Love to permeate through our whole system.  As we do this through true and sincere aspiration, that Light will begin healing what has not be open to being healed before.  As we open, shift and change, there might be explosive moments that literally blast open the hardness and closed aspects to allow in more Light.  Transforming falsehoods into truth in our systems and in our life, can appear disturbing in their expression yet the peaceful outcome in the aftermath opens the door to change.  Through this action for positive change, we can insure much more positive energy is to come.

Monday, August 25, 2014

World View Perspective: Release for Peace

Just like a stagnant pond, our unconscious system can harbor negative thoughts and feelings over time that become toxic.  They continue to get stirred up by repetitive patterns of thoughts, reactions and behaviors.  Our human tendency is to hold on tighter to these toxic responses and to hide and deny them, which only enables them to fester and grow.  These toxicities can affect our health in negative ways until or unless we realize we can release them through healthier and happier ways to let them go.  The most effective way to let them go is through a shift in focus to gratitude and forgiveness for the experience and awareness of them, the understanding as to why they are there and being conscious of the growth that occurred when the experience is over.  To foster them would be like remembering the pain of a broken arm when we were ten years old that has since healed and returned to positive functioning.  We are not our thoughts and feelings. In truth, they are simply experiences that we go through. The intelligence of the experiences helps us to discern life but our True Self has a much higher perspective of the life experiences and when we can access that perspective, we can see how everything truly enables our total growth, development and maturity in positive and healing ways.  As we develop the courage to face these systematic challenges and release them, we begin to know, embrace and nurture Peace.  Becoming Peaceful begins with us.

Friday, August 22, 2014

World View Perspective: Our Heart's Compassion

All the Love we seek is already in our Heart.  The understanding we seek is also within us.  Inner guidance is there to lead the way.  Any and all pain we carry or are attached to can be surrendered to our own Heart's Compassion. There is an intelligence there that understands all we have been through and it has a depth of Compassion to release the pain and ease our system from the strong hold of misery. We just have to aspire to know it with all our Heart. We have to trust we can feel and experience it. We have to have faith in the intelligence of our Heart as it brings the intelligence through our awareness. Everything is energy and when we seek to know Peace in our system, we must be prepared to let go of that that doesn't bring us peace.  We lived it, we learned from it and we can be forever grateful for it as we gently and sincerely release it from our system.  As we sincerely let go, and aspire to consciously bring in more Love, Understanding and Compassion for our self in our system, we begin to resonate with more and more Love.  As we fill with the additional Understanding and Compassion, we become that higher more Loving vibration, which fills us with joy and positive energy.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

World View Perspective: Two Aspects of Self

In simplified terms, we have two distinct aspects of Self that are present in our system.  One is a lower aspect of our self, which is considered our lower nature. When we think about the conditioning and programming that our parents and early life gave us, it all appeals to our lower nature.  We develop a sense of our selves based on the development of our lower nature, which is primarily our senses.  Initially, how we think, feel and respond to the environment that surrounds us and the people we interact with on a day to day basis all comes from the prompts and pulses of the lower nature. We grow through our ages and stages with this lower nature running our lives until or unless we awaken to our higher nature. Our Higher nature has a broader expanse and understanding of life than the lower nature and it extends to levels and layers beyond our limited sense of self.  The aspiration of the soul to access a greater and deeper understanding of our self, of life and of purpose is deeply inherent to our true nature.  Our Higher nature is our means of reaching beyond the mundane and the ordinary.  Once we understand we are our Higher nature, we can use that knowledge and understanding to bring a sense of Peace, Love and healing into our whole system and live our life in Truth. Our Higher Self resonates with Higher Consciousness and in this Higher energy, we transform our lower nature and uplift all around us.  It allows us to heal into wholeness!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

World View Perspective: When we stand for our Heart

When we stand for our Heart, we have a courage that gives us strength.  We are being true to who we are inside.  It won't necessarily be gentle, it won't necessarily be easy and it won't necessarily mean we will be light hearted as we stand.  Yet, we will feel it in our physical body because we will be determined and clear.  When some people think of 'heart based people' they think it means the person is weak.  Too emotional to be strong.  This is not the case, to know our own Heart takes incredible courage, dedication and perseverance.  It means we know who we really are and consequently, we can stand strong for that, even if we aren't speaking.  We are standing for our own inner conviction and purpose.  It brings forth a trust and a faith that aligns us with our greater truth. That truth is our courage.  As we become familiar with who we are and our stand for who we are, we will realize when we don't feel that strength.  When that happens, gather strength again from your heart and ground yourself back to that inner conviction.  The truth of Heart is, in truth, what carries us forward!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

World View Perspective: The voice of truth

Our high Heart speaks gently to our own heart and offers Loving guidance to truth and peace in our system.  Contemplation and meditation are practices that enable us to access our 'voice' within.  Sitting quietly in nature does too.  Our Heart knows the truth and, through compassion, it understands our own human nature and the nature of others.  In order to speak it in ways that others can hear, we have to speak through our third chakra, which is our personal power seat.  It is above the navel.  If this personal power chakra is closed, disabled or out of balance, we cannot bring our True Voice forward.  Emotional depression, suppression, oppression and repression are some of the factors that can prevent people from 'owning' their own power in terms of speaking their truth.  Fear is another block that prevents us from speaking our truth.  This fear can be surrendered to our higher power when we sincerely offer it up to our highest and highest aspiration to 'clear the fear'.  When this fear clears, we are literally able to speak truth from our True Self.  Then our system feels empowered and we can stand in our own true sense of self.  From this stand, it is easier to know who we are versus who we are 'knot'.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

World View Perspective: Faith in plenty

Fear in lack is crippling and if the fear in our system grows and develops in our unconscious awareness, it can grow to bigger and bigger proportions.  The falsehood of lack can seem insurmountable, coloring our judgment and appreciation.  When we surrender the fear to faith either in our day to day life or in our self, our family or our relationships, we can feel it being lifted off our shoulders and taken away.  When we sincerely ask to have the burdens lifted, a higher strength, a stronger force can release the heaviness we have been carrying.  Our greatest desire is to survive so our greatest fear is that we won't survive.  If we fear we might not survive, we can become 'knotted' up in fear.  This 'knot' makes us cling to anything or anyone we think might help us rest assured we will survive.  The object or person that we cling to may not be a wise choice and when we work to become more and more conscious, we can experience what does help us survive.  It is the faith in plenty.  It is trusting our own higher power and purpose.  It is through trusting our very self in our life.  When we open our heart and our mind, we know more and more clearly, we are not alone.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

World View Perspective: When we accept our physical bodies

Learning how to forgive ourselves in terms of our physical bodies is not an easy task.  Anywhere in our system, we can be holding onto rage, frustration, old stuck negative feelings and under-developed stuck in the past thoughts that no longer serve us.  Our unconscious and sub-conscious store energy just like our more conscious aspects.  The key is the open and Loving willingness to go through our system much like a miner goes down into earth to find coal or other treasures.  Take the Light you carry with you and have the courage to honestly look.  When we find old blocks to our greater positive sense of self, surrendering up those no longer needed memories or experiences to a higher aspect of our self will release what is old and worn out.  Joy, inspiration and fresh energy can replace what is released, enabling us to feel free and Loving once again. Love is our natural state of being and the more we let go of what in us is not (knot) Loving, the more Loving we will become.  Love all of who you are and be grateful for who you are, including you in your physical body, and forgive yourself for any actions that your old self may have done in the past before you were more conscious.  Like a snake that sheds it's skin, we can also let go and rejuvenate our self on every level through genuinely Loving who we are, including who we are in the body.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

World View Perspective: Our human system carries light

With challenging circumstances and day to day difficulties, it is easy to forgot our human system carries Light.  It is easy to feel the limitations, confusions and discomfort as we seek survival, comfort and consistency.  Yet within us and as us, there is also Light.  The Light is our expanded Self and it is with us always. This Light expands with inspiration, aspiration, positive thinking and warm sincere and Loving thoughts.  It grows as we seek Union with something bigger than our selves.  Cosmic and Universal Love also vibrate with this Light and it carries us all forward.  This is the physics of being human and in the big picture it is how we can open our mind and our heart and embrace more of what life is about, in truth, as we live our lives.  The vibration in our physical body reflects our Light too.  If we have any addictions that weigh us down or dim our Light, it can affect how we feel and we how embrace the Light in our body.  So embracing our Light may mean clearing the system of any and all old things that no longer serve us, like too many old and heavy emotions or negative thinking about now or in the past.
If we remember we are Light, it makes aspiring to become all we can be all that much more appealing.  The more we sincerely aspire to become our Light, the more that inherent Light can show us the way.  It is refreshing to know we carry Light.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

World View Perspective: When we Love our self inside and out

When we can surrender any negative ideas about our self and instead Love our selves completely from the inside out, remarkable changes occur.  We align our self with our True Self that Loves us unconditionally.  This sets in motion a process of change that allows us to let go and let in a Higher Power to clear out the old, replacing the new to re-establish a Higher Vibration of Love within our human system.  If we can begin to imagine a beautiful and vast Infinite Source of Pure Love and Faith that we are not separate from and all it wants is for us to become ourselves by simply surrendering to Love, which is our truest nature.  Once union with Love becomes a strong and worthy aspiration in us, Love itself can work wonders in terms of positive transformation and change.  We must be willing to consciously, actively let go of any and all negativity we have stored and held on to and instead embrace the True sense of our highest Self.  Joy is then restored as is positive health, a renewal in life and a deep sense of gratitude for our entire journey.  An attitude of gratitude becomes our constant interest, inspiration and joy, improving life on all levels.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

World View Perspective: We are not the 'knots"

Our human system knots up with knots when our unconscious or subconscious remembers being told or shown we are not something.  We can knot up in fear, worry or anxiety if something in our memory is triggered in negative ways.  Fear makes us contract and Love allows us to expand.  When we knot up with 'nots' we feel like we are the limitations and confinements of knots.  The reaction/response in our system is to pull away, go quiet, let go and/or take our energy away.  Sure signs that fear has entered our consciousness and we fear we are becoming not worthy, not happy, not included, not wanted or not desired to name a few emotional, psychological experiences.  Most parents teach us right from wrong and they also show us who we are in their minds and who we are not.  The 'nots' can make us feel badly and our system can hold onto that feeling for a long, long time until or unless we can honestly and fully let it go.  When we can consciously let it go to a higher power of Love and Faith, found in our Heart, we can begin transforming the knots of 'not' into 'I Am Love'.  In this way, we expand our positive sense of self through opening our hearts and our minds. As we do, we clear our field of having to receive those 'nots' again.  The more we embrace the positive, the more the negative must clear out and stay out.  Peace and Love in our system is then restored. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

World View Perspective: Our True Self Knows

Our True Self is the one that knows.  What does it know?  It knows who we are versus who we aren't.  We are taught certain rules and roles to play and how to perform and conform to the norm for human life which is positive and useful.  Yet behind it all, also guiding us and sending us messages is our True Self.  Our ages and stages of human growth and development are important as we grow up and then independently put them into practice through our own understanding of our physical, emotional, psychological and intellectual self.  We learn how to think in structured ways and how to experience the process of living as well. When our maturity takes us towards the more spiritual perspective, for example accessed through the practices of meditation and contemplation, we begin the have a sense of a living presence of Self.  This Self is the true witness and it is present now.  It lives in the current moment.  In the present moment it is awareness and consciousness itself.  Nothing is separate.  When we consciously aspire to go higher in conscious awareness and access through experience and understanding the truth about life, we are seeking union with our True Self.  Aspiring to become our True Self clears the fear, opens the mind and expands the Heart.  In this way, we become one with the Love itself and in that Love, we also know Peace.  Our True Self is the Love and the Peace.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Haikus to Hearing the Heart

Hearing the Heart Haikus

A whisper came in
Now turn left do not go right
Car crash other way

Go wake sleeping child
Important warning to hear
Window breaking soon

Speed up decision 
Trust what your heart says is true
It can see far more

Yes, hear your mind think
Yet know that inner feeling
When truth speaks within

Must stay home to hear
The phone call coming in soon
My heart is needed

World View Perspective: Not wise to go against our Heart

When we go against our Heart of hearts, we can suffer a great deal!  Our Heart of hearts contains a deep truth about how to live our lives.  Love in the purest form is a positive Force and Source of all of life.  Love as a Source of life can be trusted.  Our Heart of hearts knows this.  Faith is often our deepest Love.  No matter how confusing, how threatening or how frightening life is, listen to your Heart of hearts and trust that guidance and your inner voice of Love.  In this way, we stay true to our truest self and true to the Love we carry in our purest Heart.  The inner intelligence of what is correct will not lead us astray.  It is wise to trust your true Heart of hearts.

Monday, July 7, 2014

World View Perspective: When we know our Heart

Whether through contemplation or meditation, when we know our own Heart of hearts, we can surrender any and all hard old feelings and thoughts to it. As we release from the old negativity, we bring balance, harmony and peace into our system.  Our High Heart is compassionate and we can access the Love and understanding through opening that Higher aspect of our Heart to Love itself. We can feel what it feels like to open our hearts to trusting Love completely. Through our High Heart we know and feel the experience of no separation from the very Source and Force of Love itself that guides the very creation of life.  In this way, we resonate more fully with Love as an active, healing and positive Force in our life and human system.  The more conscious we become of Love as an active, positive Force, the more we trust we are not separate from it. As the Love fills our system with positive feelings, we truly can release from the hold of the past and come safely into the 'now moment', where Love is always present.  When we know our own Heart of Hearts, we know we are Love, we know we can heal and we know we feel it now!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hidden Expression Haikus

Haikus to Hidden Expression

She walks in silence
While furiously steaming
Bee stings her wild hair

Angry with his life
Black scorpion found nearby
Almost gets his foot

Swimming from her past
She just missed a jellyfish
Ready with its sting

Not happy to leave
Stomps by the old green sage plant
Rattlesnake shakes bush

Fishing line empty
Frustrated time was wasted
Big shark snaps the bait

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Joy Haikus

Haikus to Joy

Bubbles blown in air
Landing on random green leaves
Open palm one rests

Blue jay feather found
On walking path to the beach
Now on hiker’s hat

Wind gusts strong late day
Trees sway as the deck cools down
Gentle wind chimes heard

Whistle echoes out
Live flapping wings fly close by
Woman, bird unite

Young girl holds dad’s hand
Exploring the open sea
Her joy splashes him

World View Perspective: Self Love is Now Love

When we can consciously forgive our self, Love our self and accept our self, allowing that Love to resonate with Love itself, we align and attune our self with a much higher force than we realize.  Love is an universal and Cosmic force and when we are aware we are not separate from it, we say 'Yes' to Love throughout our whole system and life.  The more we practice this level of Loving Consciousness, the more we vibrate that Love with all we do.  Our cells feel it and respond through better health and vitality, we feel our mind and heart opening to life in a new way and we rejoice through each and every breath we consciously take.  We feel uplifted, more grateful and happier right here, right now.  It is a living Grace because it follows a much more positive plan for us.  Forgiving all that has happened to us allows that aspect to heal but also all those associated with it too.  Forgiveness releases all the negativity around the pain and lets it go.  It also releases the fear.  Self Love encourages us all to know Love thoroughly and completely and to be present with it now.

Monday, June 23, 2014

VIRTUAL BLOG TOUR - Another Leg of the Journey Begins . . .


Janet Rice Carnahan, currently living in Southern California, finds her inspiration in nature’s beauty every chance she gets.  Her poetry has been published online in “Jellyfish Whispers”, “Pryokinection”, “Camel Saloon”, “Three Line Poetry”, and “The Mind{less} Muse”.  Two of Janet’s poems were selected for the anthology, “Storm Cycle: The Best of 2013” through “Kind of a Hurricane Press”.  She also contributed poetry to two other anthologies, “Backlit Barbell” and “Prompted: An International Collection of Poems”, where she also received credit for the cover photo and caption.  On her website, Hear Earth Heart, she has self-published four poetry books, “Shadows in the Sanctuary”, “Into the Inner Path”, “The Cosmic Highway” and “Hear Earth Heart, a series of haikus”.

The sunny Southern California coast provides marvelous opportunities for Janet and her husband to walk the beaches in search of all nature provides and never hides . . . among the tides!   All of life is there; the pounding surf, flying seabirds, children discovering the beach for the first time, and the peace and serenity found in a golden sunset.

Life for me has always been near water; oceans, islands and lakes, bringing joy and delight to the natural ebb and flow of life itself.

The creative process is a different dance for each artist, inviting and weaving one’s thoughts and feelings into captured moments with an unexpected yet creatively welcomed style and grace as it becomes a new form, previously formless.  The artist is drawn to the medium that best allows for their own expression and sense of connection to the world through the written word, painting, drawing or photography.


From the “lip of the Arctic Circle”, I was asked by poetic friend, S. E. Ingraham, to join this virtual blog tour. I have known Sharon online for a few years now, always enjoying her poetic style and unique expression. She shares who she is through her openly creative voice.  I am grateful to Sharon for inviting me on this journey, supporting people in their creative endeavors.  Sharon has several poetic accomplishments, which she shares in her bio below.  

S.E.Ingraham, a retired mental health consumer, pens poems from the 53rd parallel where she lives with the love of her life, as well as a very old wolf/border-collie. Recently she's had work published in a number of online and print journals: Poetic Pinup Revue; Free Fall Literary Mag; and from kind of a hurricane press: Tic Toc, Something's Brewing, In Gilded Frame, Storm Cycle-the Best of 2012 and 2013,  to name a few. She continues to work on chapbooks and more plans for publication.  Ingraham won 2013's Tom Howard/Margaret Reid Poetry contest, but her fondest accomplishment is a sidewalk poem that will leave her words "written in stone" on a walkway near where her grandsons live. Her work can be found on any of her blogs but the one she's using for the tour is:


Thank you again, Sharon, and here are the answers to the four questions for my portion of the tour.

1) What am I currently working on?

I am playing with a few titles for a series of new haikus around the theme of the love of nature as it relates to the human heart.  It seems nature brings out the gentle side of human nature and Haiku creates that very touchable human moment.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Haiku seems to embody spirituality, philosophy and psychology to evoke a true connection for the core feeling of the human experience.  When the words are captured in such a way as to truly touch the heart, the glory of their correct alignment brings about a true feeling of love and joy, leading one to feel the moment.  If it touches me in that way, I trust it will move someone else as well.

3)  Why do I write/create what I do?

Essentially I just write what shows up!  If I am out walking in nature, for example, I just let nature show me what’s there.  The way the birds dance across the sky, the wind on the branches or the ripples of sparkling sunlight in harmony with the waves.  It seems to me that poetry is the art of being in the moment and using words to frame it and offer it back for someone else to enjoy and experience.

4) How does my writing/ creating process work?

It starts with the real feeling in a moment and as the feeling comes so do the words.  The visual experience also evokes the feeling.  I saw a little girl with red bows in her hair, wearing a red coat and red shoes waving at a bright red fire truck.  All the firemen were waving madly back.  The sense of red in both the harder metal and softness of the small girl’s ruby colored bows and shoes was a great contrast for a captured poetic moment.

 The love and joy of family also stirs the heart and provides marvelous inspiration on a wonderful ongoing and growing basis!



Choosing three poets to participate in the virtual blog tour was and wasn’t an easy task.  Several of us have participated in a Poem –A- Day (PAD) challenge through Writer’s Digest with senior editor, Robert Lee Brewer, for many years now.  Many poets write and post daily and through that process some names just leap off the page and stay in your mind.  The three poets I chose show their own voice, spirit and expression through the boldness of their chosen words that touch and move people to hear what speaks to them in their own way.

So happy to present Sara Vinas, Linda G. Hatton and Bruce Neidt!  Looking forward to seeing how they will take this virtual blog tour to the next step on June 30th

Sara v is a worshipper of sun, sea and serendipity. She is also an artist and the inspirations for art in paint and pen come from her delight in nature, especially of the salt water variety. Her poetry has been published in "Jellyfish Whispers," "Errant Parent," "Brevity Poetry Review," and several anthologies. My art and poetry is at

Linda G Hatton spends her days writing—poetry, novels, screenplays, web codes, or notes to her children. She is also the managing editor of Mouse Tales Press and works as a freelance copyeditor. [link to:]

 Bruce W. Niedt is a "beneficant bureaucrat" from southern NJ whose poetry has appeared in numerous print and online journals, including Writers Digest, Writers Journal, The Lyric, Lucid Rhythms, US 1 Worksheets, Spitball, Chantarelle's Notebook, and Edison Literary Review.  His awards include the ByLine Short Fiction and Poetry Prize, first prize for poetry at the Philadelphia Writers Conference, and two nominations each for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net. He has workshopped with Jane Hirshfield, Marge Piercy, Molly Peacock, and Stephen Dunn, and is looking forward to working with Billy Collins in January 2015. His latest chapbook is Twenty-four by Fourteen, a collection of sonnets and other short poems, published by Maverick Duck Press.  Bruce’s blog address is

 Ok, poets . . . onward and up word!  Let's see all the good stuff!