World View Perspective: Positive thinking

When we can observe our thinking style in any given situation, we can effectively interrupt a process of our mind that may be about to produce negative thoughts and feelings about our self or other people that is energetically harmful.  We may think we must express everything we think and feel as a concrete fact but when we can also step back and just observe the thought, we can surrender it and cancel the negative implications from it.  Negative thinking is a process that distracts us from the Love we carry in each moment.  The habit of entertaining negative impulses, acts or ideas prevents us from producing the positive effects and energy we need in our life.  When something happens that has a negative effect, we need to discern it isn't for us, and release it. To dwell in the negative keeps everything colored with a negative taint.  Positive thinking is uplifting for our overall health and well being.  Negatives can become positives with conscious effort, enabling us to stay in the most conscious and healthy perspective throughout our lives and in aligns with Love as a force for good in us and our world.


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