World View Perspective: Peace

To experience Peace in our human systems, letting go and letting God is essential.  Peace is our heart's natural state of being when the mind or the body doesn't interfere with negative input or fear.  When we forgive all that has happened before, including and especially our selves, we open our hearts to the force of Love, acceptance and peace.  It also brings us to the current time where we can experience joy.  Letting go also frees our system of the 
influences of the past that have been hurtful or harmful.  By focusing on our own soul's aspiration to expand, we can open to a much higher perspective.  This process may sound simplistic, yet through the act of simplicity, we can also access the Grace.  Grace is a force that removes all that is old, stagnant and no longer serves us.  Everything is energy.  The higher we aspire to access these higher energies, the more we naturally receive.  In that way, Peace is possible for us all!


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