World View Perspective: In the Moment

When we can grab a moment and be in gratitude for our very life, heart, body and past, we lighten our load and become aware we never walk alone.  We can feel the greatest Love, acceptance and compassionate understanding in those most precious moments.  It gives ease to our very system to relax into gratitude as we breath in and out and feel the very sacredness of it all.  Every gift in every moment is a complete offering of true presence and pure life.  It certainly may not feel like one at the time, but ultimately each moment is a gift, whether we understand it in the moment or not.  We may have to look back years and years later to finally understand why it happened or recognizing the impact of an event that happened to forgive it, release it and move forward from it but when we can surrender it in each moment, it becomes our strength.  Love, forgiveness and gratitude live in each moment and in each breath when we stop and hold it sacred.  Being in the moment brings us joy!


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