World View Perspective: Consciousness

When we continue to open our hearts and minds to greater and greater levels of consciousness and awareness, many old locks, blocks and shocks to our human system simply fall away.  This happens because we begin to realize and recognize that we aren't those limitations anymore.  We go through many experiences on many levels as we live our lives and we often don't stop to release from what happened in the past.  We may cling to it to prevent the pain from happening again as if to shield our self from any discomfort reoccurring.  In truth, releasing all that blocks us daily through forgiveness of self, others and the past helps us heal from those previous experiences and through expanded consciousness, we can embrace the current time and move forward.  The more we aspire to receive higher Consciousness, the more it expands.  Meditation and contemplation help us to also embrace a higher understanding, opening our hearts and minds.


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