World View Perspective: True Reality

True Reality is about consciously living the balance of Heaven and Earth, Masculine and Feminine, Light and Dark, Expression and Repression and Plenty and Not Enough, as examples.  In our human systems, we can discern the imbalance and balance we need to aspire and search for the right path forward towards becoming our real and true self.  We can't pretend both extremes don't exist in our human system because they do.  We can understand and choose not to experience aspects in our systems that are not positive, healthy or balanced.  We do that by becoming more and more conscious of our thoughts, feelings and actions towards ourselves and others in our lives and how that makes us feel.  Our Heart knows what is right, fair and balanced and it can guide our human system to do the same. It is a conscious intelligence. We just need to listen, hear and open to a newer, higher perspective.  Forgiving and Loving our self enables us to also Love and Forgive others, which also helps us aspire to find balance and true reality.


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