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World View Perspective: Peace

To experience Peace in our human systems, letting go and letting God is essential.  Peace is our heart's natural state of being when the mind or the body doesn't interfere with negative input or fear.When we forgive all that has happened before,including and especially our selves, we open our hearts to the force of Love, acceptance and peace.  It also brings us to the current time where we can experience joy.Letting go also frees our system of the 
influences of the past that have been hurtful or harmful.  By focusing on our own soul's aspiration to expand, we can open to a much higher perspective.  This process may sound simplistic, yet through the act of simplicity, we can also access the Grace.Grace is a force that removes all that is old, stagnant and no longer serves us.Everything is energy.  The higher we aspire to access these higher energies, the more we naturally receive.In that way, Peace is possible for us all!

World View Perspective: Faith

Faith is a positive force that is good, uplifting and inspirationalIt escorts in a bigger energy that we can feel and experience, working for the greater consciousnesswithin us, to us and through us.  When times are tough, challenging, restless or stagnant, Faith can be called on to move things forward in the most useful and positive ways.  We just need to summon Faith over and over and it rides in to rescue. We don't have to ask for any specific reason or give it any specific direction. Faith itself can move mountains as long as we welcome it into our hearts with all the sincerity and truth we can muster.  Trusting Faith can clear any and all blockages increases our Faith as it enhances our ability to let go and let God.  Call on it and it will respond.  Faith as a beautiful energy in the world uplifts us all!

World View Perspective: Consciousness

When we continue to open our hearts and minds to greater and greater levels of consciousness and awareness, many old locks, blocks and shocks to our human system simply fall away.  This happens because we begin to realize and recognize that we aren't those limitations anymore.We go through many experiences on many levels as we live our lives and we often don't stop to release from what happened in the past.  We may cling to it to prevent the pain from happening again as if to shield our self from any discomfort reoccurring.  In truth, releasing all that blocks us daily through forgivenessof self, others and the past helps us heal fromthose previous experiences and through expanded consciousness, we can embrace the current time and move forward.  The more we aspire to receive higher Consciousness, the more it expands.  Meditation and contemplation help us to also embrace a higher understanding, opening our hearts and minds.

World View Perspective: True Reality

True Reality is about consciously living the balance of Heaven and Earth, Masculine and Feminine, Light and Dark, Expression and Repression and Plenty and Not Enough, as examples.In our human systems, we can discern the imbalance and balance we need to aspire and search for the right path forward towards becoming our real and true self.  We can't pretend both extremes don't exist in our human system because they do.  We can understand and choose not to experience aspects in our systems that are not positive, healthy or balanced.We do that by becoming more and more conscious of our thoughts, feelings and actions towards ourselves and others in our lives and how that makes us feel.  Our Heart knows what is right, fair and balanced and it can guide our human system to do the same. It is a conscious intelligence. We just need to listen, hear and open to a newer, higher perspective.Forgiving and Loving our self enables us to also Love and Forgive others, which also helps us aspire …

World View Perspective: In the Moment

When we can grab a moment and be in gratitude for our very life, heart, body and past, we lighten our load and become aware we never walk alone.  We can feel the greatest Love, acceptance and compassionate understanding in those most precious moments.  It gives ease to our very system to relax into gratitude as we breath in and out and feel the very sacredness of it all.  Every gift in every moment is a complete offering of true presence and pure life.  It certainly may not feel like one at the time, but ultimately each moment is a gift, whether we understand it in the moment or not.We may have to look back years and years later to finally understand why it happened or recognizing the impact of an event that happened to forgive it, release it and move forward from it but when we can surrender it in each moment, it becomes our strength.Love, forgiveness and gratitude live in each moment and in each breath when we stop and hold it sacred.  Being in the moment brings us joy!

World View Perspective: Positive thinking

When we can observe our thinking style in any given situation, we can effectively interrupt a process of our mind that may be about to produce negative thoughts and feelings about our self or other peoplethat is energetically harmful.  We may think we must express everything we think and feel as a concrete fact but when we can also step back and just observe the thought, we can surrender it and cancel the negative implications from it.Negative thinking is a process that distracts us from the Love we carry in each moment.  The habit of entertaining negativeimpulses, acts or ideas prevents us from producing the positive effects and energy we need in our life.  When something happens that has a negative effect, we need to discern it isn't for us, and release it. To dwell in the negative keeps everything colored with a negative taint.  Positive thinking is uplifting for our overall health and well being.Negatives can become positives with conscious effort, enabling us to stay in the m…