Wold View Perspective: Forgiveness

To learn about ourselves and life, we have to understand "yes", "no" and boundaries.  In our early development, that job usually falls on our parents, family members, extended family members, teachers, other adults, siblings and those that surround our lives in a consistent manner.  This gives us the sense of security and safety but it can also fill us with a sense of fear and limitation.  Until or unless we can eventually break out of those early fears and limitations, as we mature and can trust our self to "pay attention", they can restrict us into adulthood.  The Loving act of turning and facing our past with true forgiveness and Love while viewing all that occurred as a blessing, a true growing potential, an act of learning and lessons for our further growth and development sets us free to move forward in greater Love.  To release the old bondage of fear through forgiveness allows the Love to be much more present, not just for our self but for all those who have participated in our lives.  Forgiveness as a daily practice restores Love, peace and balance into our systems and into our lives.


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