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Wold View Perspective: Forgiveness

To learn about ourselves and life, we have to understand "yes", "no" and boundaries.  In our early development, that job usually falls on our parents, family members, extended family members, teachers, other adults, siblings and those that surround our lives in a consistent manner.This gives us the sense of security and safety but it can also fill us with a sense of fear and limitation.Until or unless we can eventually break out of those early fears and limitations, as we mature and can trust our self to "pay attention", they can restrict us into adulthood.  The Loving act of turning and facing our past with true forgiveness and Love while viewing all that occurred as a blessing, a true growing potential, an act of learning and lessons for our further growth and development sets us free to move forward in greater Love.To release the old bondage of fear through forgiveness allows the Love to be much more present, not just for our self but for all those who…

World View Perspective: Gratitude

Gratitude brings us into a fresh and present moment.  Gratitude opens our heart to say thank you for everything that makes our life what it is and each breath of our life worth living.Whenever two rough stones are thrown into a tumbler long enough, both emerge rounded off and polished.  Without struggles and challenges to experience life and our self through, how can we continue to grow, shift, change and open?Through heart felt gratitude, we can see everyone and everything as a gift, a teacher and/or an opportunity to grow.Forgiving our self, forgiving all others and opening our heart to gratitude in each moment, allows Love to become our life.  By embracing Love and Gratitude, we change ourselves and our world.

World View Perspective: Love as a Universal Constant

Love is why we are here!  Love is a Universalconstant because it is a force that uplifts, supports, carries, inspires and creates more Love and without it, life can become stagnant, isolating and dull.Our lives and our selves are meant to embrace joy and when we recognize Love as aconstant force in the world and also in ourselves, we overcome negativity and fear, which block joy!  Joy also invites us to live in the "now moment", enabling the Love to always be a fresh perspective.Love is always present, we just have to remember it, feel it and embrace it as a constant force of positive energy in our lives.  Focusing on Love attracts more Love to our lives!  Love is good!

World View Perspective: Compassion

Conscious practice of the fine arts of forgiveness andgratitude open our hearts to Love as a positive energy to live by and with to enhance our life, health and joy in living.  Forgiveness and gratitude are free and easy to access and when we apply them to ourselves, too, they open our hearts to a greater sense of self compassion.  When we can forgive our self, forgive all others and forgive our past, we create the space for Love and compassion to fill us with a much more positive vibration.  Gratitude for all that has brought us into each "now moment" alsokeeps our hearts full and reminds us of the power of Love in each breath we take.  The more Love we feel, the more we heal and the joy of life becomes more real.  Self compassion naturally opens us to greater compassion for others as it also extends to the world.

World View Perspective: Acceptance

When we can stand back from our daily life and see it all through new eyes, a fresh perspective, an open heart and a forgiving mind, we can see the glory of it all.  We can embrace the learning, the discerning and the grace of all the multitudes of a continuously unfolding experience of a living Love.Accepting the Love that we truly are and the Love that it takes to live our life, we can accept that all that has happened in our life is ultimately rooted in Love itself.Forgiveness is the key to realizing Love is our true expression and our deepest surrender.  Love and acceptance of the Love is the joy of life.

World View Perspective: Peace

Our physical bodies are the greatest gifts we can experience because deep in our cellular nature, in the smallest human component, there is a great potentiality.  Within our cellular structure, we can realize that everything is energy.  The energy of cellular transformation is a powerful concept because it means that through an expanded consciousness of who we are, we can fill our cells with a potent positive vibration.  That vibration is LOVE and it is a real Universal and Cosmic truth, not separate from us.  This change can happen when we seek to have peace in the system we are in.  Through self-forgiveness and self-love we let go of our old stuck stuff.  In so doing, we release any and all pent up negative energy, any locks or blocks in our system and all that remains in the conscious awareness of Love Itself.  Love is our living Truth.

World View Perspective: Love Evolving

To create a new world that allows peace and understanding to become who we are and how we live, we must open our hearts to all that is possible within us.  It is through the HEART that Love comes in a pure form and it is through our HEART that compassion is born.  The intelligence in the HEART recognizes the Love that truly moves us and the world and works to keep it all balanced.  Love goes beyond what prevents us to experience life fully and as it evolves, Love helps us to see how connected we all truly are . . . through the Love we carry in our HEARTS!

World View Perspective: Love

When we have the courage to consciously open up our hearts, the Intelligence of the Heart can open to true compassion and understanding that allows forgiveness and peace to fulfill us and become us.As we become the Love and Peace that we are not separate from, we vibrate that throughout our whole system, affecting everything and everyone one around us, all those we are connected to and into the whole earth as well. As I believe Gandhi said, "As we change so changes the world."

May we collectively gather our courage and open our hearts for change.  The change of consciousness will create the state of well being for us all.

World View Perspective: Love

Love is a universal, cosmic force that holds up and supports the entire world by its very nature.  It is perhaps invisible, undetected, undefined and immeasurable but it is a universal constant.  The consciousness of Love is uplifting, inspirational and, by its nature, a healing force because it brings a peaceful balance to all matters that need balance and greater consciousness.Love is the wayto balance ourselves and opening our hearts is the way to Love.  When our own heart opens to true compassion, we see clearly the force of Love in our life, in the life of others and in the world around us.