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World View Perspective: Love

World View Perspective: Peace

If we don't open to the idea that we are more than we think we are and can function in more expanded ways, we limit the potential possibilities in us all.  The very energy that keeps the whole world and universe going, is also in all of us.  It is the energy of creation that is the fuel behind our growing, learning, expanding and understanding and the same energy is everywhere around us.It is a conscious energy that is positive, energizing, Loving and kind.

By setting our intention and aspiration to go beyond what we already know is true, by opening our minds and hearts, we can achieve so much more as individuals but also collectively as well.  One of those achievements is Peace and it starts with us!

World View Perspective: Peace

The human system is capable of reaching and attaining Peace.  Peace of mind, peace of heart, peace of understanding.  It starts with forgiveness, which leads to compassion.  Applying compassion to our self, our life and everyone in it from the very beginning, to where we stand right now in our lives, frees us from holding back any locks, blocks or shocks our system may have sustained earlier in our life.  When people are unconscious, choices, judgments and actions are confusing.  Through forgiveness of our self and others, we are able to let those times and situations go, freeing up our self and our system to welcome in more Love and compassion.  The more we develop Love and compassion, the more our life becomes that for our self and others.When we feel at Peace with our self, our system and our life, Peace is what we are and continue to become.  This activate Peace in others too.

World View Perspective

The understanding of "Hear Earth Heart: A New Era of Consciousness" is that the primary use of the human mental faculties and developed intellect has been for life to work and go on in all manners that provide stability, foundation and safety through generations of time.  In order to facilitate other human aspects of development with the intent to further the human mind and expand our abilities, opening and exploring other key components in the human overall system will be instrumental for greater growth to occur.  Just like all ages and stages of human development and growth, the development of the Heart and intuitive factors of the intelligence of feeling must also be explored.  Abilities to heal, restore balance and provide compassion, understanding and useful movements forward for one to continue their growth, typically come most naturally from the more feminine perspective.

As women become more willing to aspire within themselves to go beyond their ideas about who they a…

World View Perspective for Peace

For a new era of consciousness to begin, as "Hear Earth Heart: A New Era of Consciousness" sees as possible, it has to be determined and agreed that the old must open to allow in the new.  If we stand back for a broader view, it seems one obvious shift and change, and new opening, would be for women to step forward and be clear about their strength, worth and value.  Women have the ability to open men to a higher perspective, taking their "raw" unexpressed emotions and using that energy to open the real heart of manWith a greater Love expressed, a new understanding and compassion is possible, which can usher in peace.  In that same manner women can open to their living truth as well, which is the force of Love.  Given the ability to affect change in both women and men, we would all win as would the world and all who abide here.  

This is a bold statement yet courage is a trait of a strong heart. It is time for us all to have the courage of Heart to change the wor…

"Life is too short . . .

to be little.  Man is never so manly as when he feels deeply, acts boldly, and expresses himself with frankness and fervor."  Benjamin Disraeli

Passion ignites our interest, excitement and fire for life.  Without passion, life becomes hard, rigid and solid, lacking spontaneity and joy.  We must feel life and allow it to pulsate through us, express through us and take us to places we may not visit any other way.  How to know what sets us to sail beyond the boundaries we have identified ourselves by if we don't explore our inner fire?  If we can imagine anything possible we could do, think or experience that we believe would activate our true passion, what would it be?  Now, with that passion, create it, even if only . . . in your mind!

"Be realistic . . .

plan for a miracle."  OSHO

Miracles are truly everywhere!  Every breath, every person, each moment of life is a true miracle.  Our entire reality is a miracle.  It is easy to walk by miracles each and every day without offering the gratitude we witness, observe or feel towards the people, the smiles, the moments of joy that make our world miraculous.  When we take a Loving pause to stop and stand in gratitude for all the miracles in our life, all around us becomes lighter and brighter with Love.  That Love can change our reality!

"The Grace is equally . . .

for all.  But each one receives it according to his sincerity.  It does not depend on outward circumstances, but on a sincere aspiration and openness."  The Mother - "Rays of Light"

The experience and appearance of Grace is an uplifting and inspiring felt "knowing-ness" that something much bigger is at work in our lives.When our hearts open and we can receive through our sincerity of innocence, Grace comes in like a warm wave of reassurance that we not alone.  There is Love, Peace and a deep acceptance and trust when Grace is with us.  It is such a sweet blessing of life.

The ancients' claim of man's awesome . . .

mental powers is an actual physical process.  Our brains, if used correctly, can call forth powers that are quite literally superhuman."  The Lost Symbol

The powers of gratitude, forgiveness, compassion and understanding are developed human aspects that can vibrate and resonate with Love itself.  We can expand our thinking and perceptions to includeexpanded light intelligence and awareness, which is the energy that surrounds our physical body.  Light intelligence is a consciousness that allows us to experience unity, the sense of Oneness, in a much higher vibrational frequency.  Our human systems are quite capable of vibrating light, love and true healing compassion.

"If you truly loved . . .

you, you could never hurt another."  Buddha

Developing self compassion and self understanding allows us to broaden our perspective and embrace all others because we ultimately realize we are one energy expressing in so many different ways, using so many different perspectives.  To be truly Loving means forgiving, caring, feeling, trusting, allowing and being open as well as discerning and learning.  When we Love all of our self, we naturally Love all of mankind because we are not separate from the Love that is Life.  Trusting we are just energy then Loving our self naturally extends to us all.

"Once you make a decision . . .

the universe conspires to make it happen."  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Given we are not separate, given we are energy and given we can expand our consciousness, it is not surprising that universal forces of Love, Peace and Truth can come together and make opportunities happen that allow us to go and grow as we continue to expand our ideas, notions, perspectives and perceptions of life.  In order to grow, new chances to understand our self, our system and our heart and soul keep us moving forward.  Being clear of our true decisions in life will enable that growth to continue even further.

"We have scientifcally proven . . .

that the power of human thought grows exponentially with the number of minds that share that thought."  The Lost Symbol

Given this statement, when the collective thoughts focus on peace, love and positive thinking, change can and will happenWhen we understand all life is energy, we realize we can increase positive energy all around us through our shift and change to positive thoughts and feelings.The heart knows Love and Peace naturally.  When collective hearts open, the force of Love creates and generates more of the same energy.  Love and Peace are universal cosmic energies for healing and positive change.

"You will learn . . .

by reading, but you will understand with Love."  Shams Tabrizi

With an open heart and an aspiration to know, understanding and compassion become stronger faculties. When we can understand our self through self Love and compassion, we naturally understand others.  We may have to step back in order to develop understanding and compassionthrough forgiveness, yet when we do, we see that once the forgiveness has occurred, Love is there.  Love is the understanding.

"A happy life is one . . .

which is in accordance with its own nature."  Seneca

Discovering our own true nature entails understanding our own heart, soul and true passion.  What uplifts us, inspires us, encourages joy and allows us to be completely glad we are alive.  If we are just standing in nature, for example, what makes us able to just breathe in and out and feel our own aliveness! We need to discover this true self so we can rejoice in being it, no matter what other circumstances we face.  Our own true nature was created for a purposeful expression, experience and understanding so we can always move forward and evolve in the process of becoming it and being it in truth . . . always in truth!

"The wisdom of forgiveness . . .

is the greatest gift that one may give; it is not just for others but also for one's self."  Author Unknown

Forgiveness is what leads us to compassion.  Surrendering any and all anger, sadness, regret, worry, negative thoughts and feelings through forgiveness sets us free.  As we forgive, we release old energy, allowing new energy to come.  When we aspire to understand the actions, behaviors, consequences and impact of others on our own lives, and choose to forgive them and ourselves, our heart lifts us up to the greater expression and experience of Love, which is compassion.  Through compassion, we understand who we are and who we aren't, which invites us to vibrate more Love within ourselves, towards each other, our past, our present and the world.Compassion allows us to Love and forgive completely.

"Educating the mind . . .

without educating the heart is no education at all."Aristotle

For too long, modern society focuses on the mental and intellectual development of the human being without an emphasis on the heart.  To learn, to grow, to expand our sense of self and to broaden our understanding of life, ourselves, others and the world, we must also develop the heart.  Cultivating compassion through forgiveness opens our heart to our own self, which allows us to open to others.  When we can view the world through compassion, Love becomes our living truth and old, stuck, negative thoughts can no longer have an effect on our health or well being.  Compassion brings us into the now moment of the presence of Love.