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"We are pure positive love . . .

 . . . at our core level.  Giving love to ourselves, others, and the world around us is our natural state.  Join the flow . . . love who you are."  Gene-Manuel Whirling.

Love is a positive energy to live by.  It is a vibration of wholeness and it resonates freely to all around it.  Love is why we are here.  An open heart within shines out to all hearts, activating and promoting more Love.  With Love comes joy and together, they are essential ingredients of healing and positive health.

"Healing comes from our innate capacity . . .

. . . for deep listening.  This deep listening or seeing is not through our ears or eyes, but with our heart and soul."  Jack Kornfiled

When we have the courage to go deeper within our human experience, we can enter a sacred peaceful place found in our own heart and soul.  In that inner space, we can hear the truth and know the deepest Love and that is itself the healing.

"There are only two energies at the core . . .

. . . of the human experience:  Love and Fear.  Love grants freedom; Fear takes it away.  Love invites full expression; Fear punishes it.  Love invites you always to break the bonds of ignorance."  Walsch

Love as a energy expands our consciousness and fear as an energy contracts it.  Expansion and contraction are laws of physics and as such, are life itself.  Growth in plants expand in the heat of summer and contract in the cold of winter.  When we consciously choose Love as an energy to live by, fear will fade, which invites more Love to resonate in our lives so it will keep growing and going.

"Happiness is when . . .

. . . what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."  Mohandas Gandhi.

To align with harmony within the self, accessing the heart is essential.  The heart is Love and when our human system trusts that pure Love, our entire system, thinking and emotions, can surrender to the peace, harmony and balance found in the depth of feeling in the heart.  To experience that Love and harmony brings peace to one's self and to the world.

"Let silence take you . . .

 . . . to the core of life."  Rumi

When the mind's chatter calms down and the only activity is conscious breathing in and out, in the quiet system comes a sense of peace, balance and presence.  An awareness of life that is always there and accessible.  In the frenzy of life it retreats to the background.  In silence we are connected to a sense of Unity with all living things.

"And suddenly you know . . .

. . . it's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings."  Meister Eckhart.

Through Love and consciousness, each breath can be a new start.  When we identify with the mind and body only, worry and dread can fill our head, instead Love as a energy to live by keeps us uplifted and refreshed.  An attitude of gratitude for each new day opens us to a living Love of life itself.  A real joy we can feel in and heal in!

"The unexamined life . . .

. . . is not worth living."  Socrates

Positive energy and joy of living is expanded, enhancing our delight, when we understand that the body itself can hold onto the past in ways that are not healthy.  This is an unconscious mechanism, which is why we are unaware of it.  Taking the time to examine our life, in order to release from the past negative holdings, sets us free of any old taint . . . that quite simply, we "ain't"!

"Somewhere, something incredible . . ."

. . . is waiting to be known."  Carl Sagan

An invitation to explore the great unknown activates our curiosity.  Yet, just like digging for gold, there is also the chance we come up empty.  Does that mean the search was not worth the effort or was the initial journey to take the action correct all by itself?  When we aspire to understand life in new and expanded way, we are already closer to gold than we realize.
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