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World View Perspective: Peace

To experience Peace in our human systems, letting go and letting God is essential.  Peace is our heart's natural state of being when the mind or the body doesn't interfere with negative input or fear.When we forgive all that has happened before,including and especially our selves, we open our hearts to the force of Love, acceptance and peace.  It also brings us to the current time where we can experience joy.Letting go also frees our system of the 
influences of the past that have been hurtful or harmful.  By focusing on our own soul's aspiration to expand, we can open to a much higher perspective.  This process may sound simplistic, yet through the act of simplicity, we can also access the Grace.Grace is a force that removes all that is old, stagnant and no longer serves us.Everything is energy.  The higher we aspire to access these higher energies, the more we naturally receive.In that way, Peace is possible for us all!

World View Perspective: Faith

Faith is a positive force that is good, uplifting and inspirationalIt escorts in a bigger energy that we can feel and experience, working for the greater consciousnesswithin us, to us and through us.  When times are tough, challenging, restless or stagnant, Faith can be called on to move things forward in the most useful and positive ways.  We just need to summon Faith over and over and it rides in to rescue. We don't have to ask for any specific reason or give it any specific direction. Faith itself can move mountains as long as we welcome it into our hearts with all the sincerity and truth we can muster.  Trusting Faith can clear any and all blockages increases our Faith as it enhances our ability to let go and let God.  Call on it and it will respond.  Faith as a beautiful energy in the world uplifts us all!

World View Perspective: Consciousness

When we continue to open our hearts and minds to greater and greater levels of consciousness and awareness, many old locks, blocks and shocks to our human system simply fall away.  This happens because we begin to realize and recognize that we aren't those limitations anymore.We go through many experiences on many levels as we live our lives and we often don't stop to release from what happened in the past.  We may cling to it to prevent the pain from happening again as if to shield our self from any discomfort reoccurring.  In truth, releasing all that blocks us daily through forgivenessof self, others and the past helps us heal fromthose previous experiences and through expanded consciousness, we can embrace the current time and move forward.  The more we aspire to receive higher Consciousness, the more it expands.  Meditation and contemplation help us to also embrace a higher understanding, opening our hearts and minds.

World View Perspective: True Reality

True Reality is about consciously living the balance of Heaven and Earth, Masculine and Feminine, Light and Dark, Expression and Repression and Plenty and Not Enough, as examples.In our human systems, we can discern the imbalance and balance we need to aspire and search for the right path forward towards becoming our real and true self.  We can't pretend both extremes don't exist in our human system because they do.  We can understand and choose not to experience aspects in our systems that are not positive, healthy or balanced.We do that by becoming more and more conscious of our thoughts, feelings and actions towards ourselves and others in our lives and how that makes us feel.  Our Heart knows what is right, fair and balanced and it can guide our human system to do the same. It is a conscious intelligence. We just need to listen, hear and open to a newer, higher perspective.Forgiving and Loving our self enables us to also Love and Forgive others, which also helps us aspire …

World View Perspective: In the Moment

When we can grab a moment and be in gratitude for our very life, heart, body and past, we lighten our load and become aware we never walk alone.  We can feel the greatest Love, acceptance and compassionate understanding in those most precious moments.  It gives ease to our very system to relax into gratitude as we breath in and out and feel the very sacredness of it all.  Every gift in every moment is a complete offering of true presence and pure life.  It certainly may not feel like one at the time, but ultimately each moment is a gift, whether we understand it in the moment or not.We may have to look back years and years later to finally understand why it happened or recognizing the impact of an event that happened to forgive it, release it and move forward from it but when we can surrender it in each moment, it becomes our strength.Love, forgiveness and gratitude live in each moment and in each breath when we stop and hold it sacred.  Being in the moment brings us joy!

World View Perspective: Positive thinking

When we can observe our thinking style in any given situation, we can effectively interrupt a process of our mind that may be about to produce negative thoughts and feelings about our self or other peoplethat is energetically harmful.  We may think we must express everything we think and feel as a concrete fact but when we can also step back and just observe the thought, we can surrender it and cancel the negative implications from it.Negative thinking is a process that distracts us from the Love we carry in each moment.  The habit of entertaining negativeimpulses, acts or ideas prevents us from producing the positive effects and energy we need in our life.  When something happens that has a negative effect, we need to discern it isn't for us, and release it. To dwell in the negative keeps everything colored with a negative taint.  Positive thinking is uplifting for our overall health and well being.Negatives can become positives with conscious effort, enabling us to stay in the m…

Wold View Perspective: Forgiveness

To learn about ourselves and life, we have to understand "yes", "no" and boundaries.  In our early development, that job usually falls on our parents, family members, extended family members, teachers, other adults, siblings and those that surround our lives in a consistent manner.This gives us the sense of security and safety but it can also fill us with a sense of fear and limitation.Until or unless we can eventually break out of those early fears and limitations, as we mature and can trust our self to "pay attention", they can restrict us into adulthood.  The Loving act of turning and facing our past with true forgiveness and Love while viewing all that occurred as a blessing, a true growing potential, an act of learning and lessons for our further growth and development sets us free to move forward in greater Love.To release the old bondage of fear through forgiveness allows the Love to be much more present, not just for our self but for all those who…

World View Perspective: Gratitude

Gratitude brings us into a fresh and present moment.  Gratitude opens our heart to say thank you for everything that makes our life what it is and each breath of our life worth living.Whenever two rough stones are thrown into a tumbler long enough, both emerge rounded off and polished.  Without struggles and challenges to experience life and our self through, how can we continue to grow, shift, change and open?Through heart felt gratitude, we can see everyone and everything as a gift, a teacher and/or an opportunity to grow.Forgiving our self, forgiving all others and opening our heart to gratitude in each moment, allows Love to become our life.  By embracing Love and Gratitude, we change ourselves and our world.

World View Perspective: Love as a Universal Constant

Love is why we are here!  Love is a Universalconstant because it is a force that uplifts, supports, carries, inspires and creates more Love and without it, life can become stagnant, isolating and dull.Our lives and our selves are meant to embrace joy and when we recognize Love as aconstant force in the world and also in ourselves, we overcome negativity and fear, which block joy!  Joy also invites us to live in the "now moment", enabling the Love to always be a fresh perspective.Love is always present, we just have to remember it, feel it and embrace it as a constant force of positive energy in our lives.  Focusing on Love attracts more Love to our lives!  Love is good!

World View Perspective: Compassion

Conscious practice of the fine arts of forgiveness andgratitude open our hearts to Love as a positive energy to live by and with to enhance our life, health and joy in living.  Forgiveness and gratitude are free and easy to access and when we apply them to ourselves, too, they open our hearts to a greater sense of self compassion.  When we can forgive our self, forgive all others and forgive our past, we create the space for Love and compassion to fill us with a much more positive vibration.  Gratitude for all that has brought us into each "now moment" alsokeeps our hearts full and reminds us of the power of Love in each breath we take.  The more Love we feel, the more we heal and the joy of life becomes more real.  Self compassion naturally opens us to greater compassion for others as it also extends to the world.

World View Perspective: Acceptance

When we can stand back from our daily life and see it all through new eyes, a fresh perspective, an open heart and a forgiving mind, we can see the glory of it all.  We can embrace the learning, the discerning and the grace of all the multitudes of a continuously unfolding experience of a living Love.Accepting the Love that we truly are and the Love that it takes to live our life, we can accept that all that has happened in our life is ultimately rooted in Love itself.Forgiveness is the key to realizing Love is our true expression and our deepest surrender.  Love and acceptance of the Love is the joy of life.

World View Perspective: Peace

Our physical bodies are the greatest gifts we can experience because deep in our cellular nature, in the smallest human component, there is a great potentiality.  Within our cellular structure, we can realize that everything is energy.  The energy of cellular transformation is a powerful concept because it means that through an expanded consciousness of who we are, we can fill our cells with a potent positive vibration.  That vibration is LOVE and it is a real Universal and Cosmic truth, not separate from us.  This change can happen when we seek to have peace in the system we are in.  Through self-forgiveness and self-love we let go of our old stuck stuff.  In so doing, we release any and all pent up negative energy, any locks or blocks in our system and all that remains in the conscious awareness of Love Itself.  Love is our living Truth.

World View Perspective: Love Evolving

To create a new world that allows peace and understanding to become who we are and how we live, we must open our hearts to all that is possible within us.  It is through the HEART that Love comes in a pure form and it is through our HEART that compassion is born.  The intelligence in the HEART recognizes the Love that truly moves us and the world and works to keep it all balanced.  Love goes beyond what prevents us to experience life fully and as it evolves, Love helps us to see how connected we all truly are . . . through the Love we carry in our HEARTS!

World View Perspective: Love

When we have the courage to consciously open up our hearts, the Intelligence of the Heart can open to true compassion and understanding that allows forgiveness and peace to fulfill us and become us.As we become the Love and Peace that we are not separate from, we vibrate that throughout our whole system, affecting everything and everyone one around us, all those we are connected to and into the whole earth as well. As I believe Gandhi said, "As we change so changes the world."

May we collectively gather our courage and open our hearts for change.  The change of consciousness will create the state of well being for us all.

World View Perspective: Love

Love is a universal, cosmic force that holds up and supports the entire world by its very nature.  It is perhaps invisible, undetected, undefined and immeasurable but it is a universal constant.  The consciousness of Love is uplifting, inspirational and, by its nature, a healing force because it brings a peaceful balance to all matters that need balance and greater consciousness.Love is the wayto balance ourselves and opening our hearts is the way to Love.  When our own heart opens to true compassion, we see clearly the force of Love in our life, in the life of others and in the world around us.

World View Perspective: Love

World View Perspective: Peace

If we don't open to the idea that we are more than we think we are and can function in more expanded ways, we limit the potential possibilities in us all.  The very energy that keeps the whole world and universe going, is also in all of us.  It is the energy of creation that is the fuel behind our growing, learning, expanding and understanding and the same energy is everywhere around us.It is a conscious energy that is positive, energizing, Loving and kind.

By setting our intention and aspiration to go beyond what we already know is true, by opening our minds and hearts, we can achieve so much more as individuals but also collectively as well.  One of those achievements is Peace and it starts with us!

World View Perspective: Peace

The human system is capable of reaching and attaining Peace.  Peace of mind, peace of heart, peace of understanding.  It starts with forgiveness, which leads to compassion.  Applying compassion to our self, our life and everyone in it from the very beginning, to where we stand right now in our lives, frees us from holding back any locks, blocks or shocks our system may have sustained earlier in our life.  When people are unconscious, choices, judgments and actions are confusing.  Through forgiveness of our self and others, we are able to let those times and situations go, freeing up our self and our system to welcome in more Love and compassion.  The more we develop Love and compassion, the more our life becomes that for our self and others.When we feel at Peace with our self, our system and our life, Peace is what we are and continue to become.  This activate Peace in others too.

World View Perspective

The understanding of "Hear Earth Heart: A New Era of Consciousness" is that the primary use of the human mental faculties and developed intellect has been for life to work and go on in all manners that provide stability, foundation and safety through generations of time.  In order to facilitate other human aspects of development with the intent to further the human mind and expand our abilities, opening and exploring other key components in the human overall system will be instrumental for greater growth to occur.  Just like all ages and stages of human development and growth, the development of the Heart and intuitive factors of the intelligence of feeling must also be explored.  Abilities to heal, restore balance and provide compassion, understanding and useful movements forward for one to continue their growth, typically come most naturally from the more feminine perspective.

As women become more willing to aspire within themselves to go beyond their ideas about who they a…

World View Perspective for Peace

For a new era of consciousness to begin, as "Hear Earth Heart: A New Era of Consciousness" sees as possible, it has to be determined and agreed that the old must open to allow in the new.  If we stand back for a broader view, it seems one obvious shift and change, and new opening, would be for women to step forward and be clear about their strength, worth and value.  Women have the ability to open men to a higher perspective, taking their "raw" unexpressed emotions and using that energy to open the real heart of manWith a greater Love expressed, a new understanding and compassion is possible, which can usher in peace.  In that same manner women can open to their living truth as well, which is the force of Love.  Given the ability to affect change in both women and men, we would all win as would the world and all who abide here.  

This is a bold statement yet courage is a trait of a strong heart. It is time for us all to have the courage of Heart to change the wor…

"Life is too short . . .

to be little.  Man is never so manly as when he feels deeply, acts boldly, and expresses himself with frankness and fervor."  Benjamin Disraeli

Passion ignites our interest, excitement and fire for life.  Without passion, life becomes hard, rigid and solid, lacking spontaneity and joy.  We must feel life and allow it to pulsate through us, express through us and take us to places we may not visit any other way.  How to know what sets us to sail beyond the boundaries we have identified ourselves by if we don't explore our inner fire?  If we can imagine anything possible we could do, think or experience that we believe would activate our true passion, what would it be?  Now, with that passion, create it, even if only . . . in your mind!

"Be realistic . . .

plan for a miracle."  OSHO

Miracles are truly everywhere!  Every breath, every person, each moment of life is a true miracle.  Our entire reality is a miracle.  It is easy to walk by miracles each and every day without offering the gratitude we witness, observe or feel towards the people, the smiles, the moments of joy that make our world miraculous.  When we take a Loving pause to stop and stand in gratitude for all the miracles in our life, all around us becomes lighter and brighter with Love.  That Love can change our reality!

"The Grace is equally . . .

for all.  But each one receives it according to his sincerity.  It does not depend on outward circumstances, but on a sincere aspiration and openness."  The Mother - "Rays of Light"

The experience and appearance of Grace is an uplifting and inspiring felt "knowing-ness" that something much bigger is at work in our lives.When our hearts open and we can receive through our sincerity of innocence, Grace comes in like a warm wave of reassurance that we not alone.  There is Love, Peace and a deep acceptance and trust when Grace is with us.  It is such a sweet blessing of life.

The ancients' claim of man's awesome . . .

mental powers is an actual physical process.  Our brains, if used correctly, can call forth powers that are quite literally superhuman."  The Lost Symbol

The powers of gratitude, forgiveness, compassion and understanding are developed human aspects that can vibrate and resonate with Love itself.  We can expand our thinking and perceptions to includeexpanded light intelligence and awareness, which is the energy that surrounds our physical body.  Light intelligence is a consciousness that allows us to experience unity, the sense of Oneness, in a much higher vibrational frequency.  Our human systems are quite capable of vibrating light, love and true healing compassion.

"If you truly loved . . .

you, you could never hurt another."  Buddha

Developing self compassion and self understanding allows us to broaden our perspective and embrace all others because we ultimately realize we are one energy expressing in so many different ways, using so many different perspectives.  To be truly Loving means forgiving, caring, feeling, trusting, allowing and being open as well as discerning and learning.  When we Love all of our self, we naturally Love all of mankind because we are not separate from the Love that is Life.  Trusting we are just energy then Loving our self naturally extends to us all.

"Once you make a decision . . .

the universe conspires to make it happen."  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Given we are not separate, given we are energy and given we can expand our consciousness, it is not surprising that universal forces of Love, Peace and Truth can come together and make opportunities happen that allow us to go and grow as we continue to expand our ideas, notions, perspectives and perceptions of life.  In order to grow, new chances to understand our self, our system and our heart and soul keep us moving forward.  Being clear of our true decisions in life will enable that growth to continue even further.

"We have scientifcally proven . . .

that the power of human thought grows exponentially with the number of minds that share that thought."  The Lost Symbol

Given this statement, when the collective thoughts focus on peace, love and positive thinking, change can and will happenWhen we understand all life is energy, we realize we can increase positive energy all around us through our shift and change to positive thoughts and feelings.The heart knows Love and Peace naturally.  When collective hearts open, the force of Love creates and generates more of the same energy.  Love and Peace are universal cosmic energies for healing and positive change.

"You will learn . . .

by reading, but you will understand with Love."  Shams Tabrizi

With an open heart and an aspiration to know, understanding and compassion become stronger faculties. When we can understand our self through self Love and compassion, we naturally understand others.  We may have to step back in order to develop understanding and compassionthrough forgiveness, yet when we do, we see that once the forgiveness has occurred, Love is there.  Love is the understanding.

"A happy life is one . . .

which is in accordance with its own nature."  Seneca

Discovering our own true nature entails understanding our own heart, soul and true passion.  What uplifts us, inspires us, encourages joy and allows us to be completely glad we are alive.  If we are just standing in nature, for example, what makes us able to just breathe in and out and feel our own aliveness! We need to discover this true self so we can rejoice in being it, no matter what other circumstances we face.  Our own true nature was created for a purposeful expression, experience and understanding so we can always move forward and evolve in the process of becoming it and being it in truth . . . always in truth!

"The wisdom of forgiveness . . .

is the greatest gift that one may give; it is not just for others but also for one's self."  Author Unknown

Forgiveness is what leads us to compassion.  Surrendering any and all anger, sadness, regret, worry, negative thoughts and feelings through forgiveness sets us free.  As we forgive, we release old energy, allowing new energy to come.  When we aspire to understand the actions, behaviors, consequences and impact of others on our own lives, and choose to forgive them and ourselves, our heart lifts us up to the greater expression and experience of Love, which is compassion.  Through compassion, we understand who we are and who we aren't, which invites us to vibrate more Love within ourselves, towards each other, our past, our present and the world.Compassion allows us to Love and forgive completely.

"Educating the mind . . .

without educating the heart is no education at all."Aristotle

For too long, modern society focuses on the mental and intellectual development of the human being without an emphasis on the heart.  To learn, to grow, to expand our sense of self and to broaden our understanding of life, ourselves, others and the world, we must also develop the heart.  Cultivating compassion through forgiveness opens our heart to our own self, which allows us to open to others.  When we can view the world through compassion, Love becomes our living truth and old, stuck, negative thoughts can no longer have an effect on our health or well being.  Compassion brings us into the now moment of the presence of Love.

"Great successes are built . . .

on taking your negatives and turning them around."  Summer Redstone

Negative thinking and feeling is often based on the past.  When we become conscious of the present now being the truth of our present time and self, we can change any negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones, thereby changing our whole vibration.  Positive thoughts and feelings are changed through forgiveness, gratitude, appreciation and uplifting expression.  Understanding that all of life is just vibration of energy, we are so much more able to shift and change our perceptions, too, to match a higher and clearer perspective.

"It is the light of all lights . . .

beyond darkness.  It is knowledge, the object of knowledge and the process of knowing.  It is seated in the hearts of all beings."  Bhagavad Gita

There is great inner knowledge within us all.  There is a great SOURCE of life and Love within our own heart.  It tells us the truth of who we are and it shows us the light that we are in truth.  When we aspire to know and understand this Light and Love, it begins to reveal itself to us.To know this inner truth, fills us with Peace, Grace and a surrendered Love.  Peace dwells in the Heart of us all.

"Don't let people . . .

pull you into their storm.  Pull them into your peace."  Author Unknown - Facebook

Our raw emotions can feel like an inner storm, churning with upheaval and stirring us into an expression of wildly justifeble behavior. When we are worked up by our reactivity and righteousness, we can turn to others to support our opinions, our stand and our belief system.  The greater approach is seeking peace within our self and reflecting that balance back to others by remaining calm, compassionate and understanding.  Our human system can be unrefined and refined with the ways of Love and peace.Being peaceful is a natural human state when we can quiet the mind.

"People take different roads . . .

seeking fulfillment and happiness.  Just because they're not on your road doesn't mean they've gotten lost."  Dalai Lama

Judging others because they are not like us is not only harmful to them, it is also harmful to us.  Seeing life as ultimately one golden interconnected, vast vibration, it becomes more clear that what we send out effects where and who we send it to.  If we have negative thoughts and feelings about others, a useful technique is to look in the mirror.  When we can see where it is in us internally, we can heal that within ourselves by releasing it through Love, understanding and compassion.Discerning positive and negative energy for ourselves is a useful practice for our safety and well being yet being judgmental is not a positive practice. As we change, so changes the world. 

"You cannot save people . . .

. . . you can only love them".  Anais Nim

When we Love other people, their spirit and heart is uplifted.  By Loving others, heartfelt inspiration, healing energy, care, compassion and positive thinking are energetically sent to them already.  Their karma, their path, their health and well being is ultimately in the hands of a higher power and the timing associated with their life is for a higher purpose.  We can pray, speak and act lovingly and hope for the very best outcome, yet it isn't us who will save the person.  Loving people is ultimately what we can do and we can do it well.  Love is a giving force that resonates with even more Love.

"There are some people who live . . .

in a dream world, and there are some who face reality; and then there are those who turn one into the other."  Desiderius Erasmus

Creating peace is done through peaceful, purposeful action.  To create a peaceful human system takes self forgiveness, self Love and compassion for one self and a deep gratitude for life.  In that way, we let go and Let Love guide our way.  Once we feel the inner Love becoming who we truly are, it is easier to Love our environment, each other, all our relations, the world and life as we become conscious of our true nature once again.  Peaceful truth becomes our true vibration, clarity and way of Being in the world.

"I adore simple . . .

pleasures.  They are the last refuge of the complex."  Oscar Wilde

When life becomes too complex, simple joys can bring us back to the force of Love, spontaneity and an open heart.  The joy of noticing one last fall leaf clinging to the branch before the next breeze comes, soap bubbles arising around us as we do the dishes, echoes of rain coming in before it is actually outside and the magic of a child's sudden burst of happiness as he throws cereal in the air.  When we open to life's delightful magic, we remember laughing and playing is an essential part of a healthy and happy life.

"Supreme excellence consists . . .

in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting."  Lao Tzu - "The Art of War"

To understand and offset a negative attack or onslaught through other human faculties is a gift worth developing, nurturing and utilizing in the name of evolution and peace.  Fear manifests as a need to control or to be controlling and fear is often expressed as anger, which creates and generates more negativity.  Love as a Cosmic and universal force for positive change is an intelligence that manifests as a compassionate, understanding and peaceful balance.  Truth understood and spoken clearly can also offset the fear that ushers in negative attacks.  Love, Truth and positive energy are also healing modalities that enhance and transform us all and the world around us.

"Imagine all the people . . .

living life in  peace.  You may say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.  I hope someday you'll join us and the world will be as one."  John Lennon

Imagine a world of peaceful and loving human beings embracing Compassion, Truth and Love because that is their True Feeling and True Nature.  It may look like a dream now but before there can be reality, there must first be a dream!   Going on the Cosmic and Universal forces of Love, Light and Truth, we are not separate from, peace is possible because it is already in the Pure Consciousness of who we truly are within.  Open your heart and allow the Pure Feeling of peace to become who you are now.  As they say, when you change yourself and you change the world.

"TRUTH and LOVE . . .

are sure to conquer."  The Mother - "White Roses"

Truth and Love are Cosmic and Universal principles.  They are forces in the world and also in all of us.  Pure consciousness is also a force in the world.  Becoming consciously aware of who we really are means having access to the Cosmic and Universal principles.  The vibration of Truth and Love lift our energy to higher and higher realms of our own Self, inspiring us to go beyond what may be standing in our way.  When we resonate with Love and Truth, our whole life becomes a much healthier, happier and we experience a greater sense of wholeness.

"Keep calling forward the essence of spiritual love . . .

every day so you keep lifting higher.  Let no thing stop you from this endeavor, for it is more important than any other activity."  John Roger

Spiritual Love is a Pure Love that allows us to remember the higher perspective of life, ourselves and Love as a universal force. It keeps us humble, strong, forgiving, gentle, peaceful and in the law of allowing.  Spiritual Love keeps us open to the Pure Fluidity of life, which allows us to move through our life in a state of trust:  trusting ourselves, our lives and the process of life itself.  Spiritual Love inspires us in each and every moment!

"Stand up straight and realize . . .

who you are, that you tower over your circumstances.  You are a child of God.  Stand up straight."  Maya Angelou

 If we were to say "YES" to God's perspective of us, we would immediately stand tall in that true understanding.  How can we be separate from the Highest expression and Pure Feeling of Love?  We are not separate so yes, standing tall and straight is saying "YES" to the truth of who we really are! When we shine back from our Heart of Hearts, we are enabled and empowered to be bigger than our circumstances, no matter the challenge.  Keep saying YES and stand up straight.

"When we speak we are afraid our words . . .

. . . will not be heard or welcomed.  But when we are silent, we are still afraid.  So it is better to speak."  Audre Lorde

To "give voice to a choice" that serves our heart and the hearts of others through compassion, understanding and joy, is to express from a place of True Feeling.  A place within us that knows the truth and truth is what sets us free.  A True Feeling is what lives in our Heart of Hearts and it is broader in scope that just one human voice.  In the higher perspective, Love is the force that guides the Cosmos, the Universe, the Wider World and Humanity.  When we speak from our highest Heart expression, we touch on a truth that deeply affects and touches us all.

"Only the weak . . .

. . . are cruel.  Gentleness can only be expected from the strong."  Leo Buscaglia

When you know your own heart, you know compassion, gentleness and joy.  Cruelty is not able to function when the heart is open, loving and kind.  The energy we live with is the energy we attract.  When we actively, consciously choose to make it Love, more Love is drawn to us.  What we resonate, resonates right back.

"To be a holy person is more . . .

" . . . the true meaning of one who can bring someone again to the remembrance of their true nature."  Dhyani Y Wahoo

How easy it is to forget our true nature.  Our lives are full with too much to accomplish, do and complete that distract and attract us.  Given the busyness of our mind, the stirring of emotion, the connection to families and relationships along with the need to express and communicate, taking the time to actively remember the value of silence, contemplation, meditation and the presence of pure Being, can become a lost practice.  When we encounter a person who reminds us of who we really are, we can become whole again, remembering we are never really separate.

"You must learn to be calm . . .

. . . and quiet, even in the midst of difficulties.  This is the way to overcome all obstacles."  The Mother - "Rays of Light"

In the silence of peace, all answers come to us.  In the stillness of time, we can hear the profound wisdom in our hearts and receive guidance and intuition that allows us to take positive action.  Being calm allows our system to not be over-reactive and respond to fear.  Remaining calm, quiet and peaceful gives us a perspectiveof truth.

"You have to leave the city of your comfort . . .

. . . and go to the wildness of your intuition.  What you will discover will be wonderful.  What you will discover will be yourself."  Alan Alda

The mystics say there is just one True Self and the True Self is within us all.  The True Self is the one who knows the truth within us.  The truth about who we are.  Our intuition is the voice within us that helps us connect to our True Self.  The truth about who we are is in the Heart.

"Faith is an oasis in the heart . . .

. . . which will never be reached by the caravan of thinking."  Khalil Gibran

Listening to the depth of our heart and soul is an art that invites Faith in to the very core of our Being.  Faith is knowing that the Infinite Being of Pure Love and Pure Energy is always there, guiding our life choices and filling us with Love on every level.  The heart knows we are never separate from Love.  When we are in touch with that level of Love, Faith in our life, our self and others becomes a constant True Feeling of Love Itself.  Our mind pales in comparison to what our heart knows for sure.

"The greatest revolution of our generation . . .

. . . is the discovery that human beings, by changing inner attitudes of their minds, can change the outer aspects of their lives."  William James

They say that we only use 5% of our brain.  To become aware of other abilities and capabilities that we have beyond the 5% can expand our thinking and feeling about our self and life.  To change negative thinking or feeling into positive takes awareness of our thought/feeling patterns and the awareness that we are actually not our thoughts or feelings.  By using our higher consciousness, we become aware that our awareness itself is aware of the thoughts and how we feel, which means through consciousness, we can shift the negative to the positive.  In this process, we are able to transform our perception and perspective of life and our self.

"The planet does not need . . .

. . . more successful people.  The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, story tellers, and lovers of all kinds."  Sun Gazing - FB

When we dare to "go outside the box" to dream, imagine, Love and heal, we can restore our own self and feel all the Love that we are.  When we shift our awareness to our higher potential, remembering everything is energy, we resonate Love, Light and Truth all the way into our cells.  With this active awareness and shift of consciousness all that we are, all that we know, all around us, including the planet, can and will begin vibrating to the same higher frequency.  In this way, we affect Peace by becoming that Peace.  Remembering the energy that we carry and manifesting it is Mankind's Highest ideal.

"Self love is the pre-requisite for everything . . .

. . . you want to do in life.  Without self love it is virtually impossible to love our beautiful Mother Earth and everything in it including other humans."  Felix Padilla

When we open to Loving and accepting our self just as we truly are, Love can clear up and clean out all the blocks, locks and fears we have unconsciously held onto in our human systems.  As we let go of the old stuck stuff and embrace Love as a living energy, a true energy we already carry, negative energy releases and our health, life and relationships improve.  The more this is actively practiced, the more positive our whole life becomes. As the Love resonates more and more within us, the more it vibrates out to others as well.  This is the art of well-being!

"We cannot be prepared for something . . .

. . . while secretly believing it will not happen."  Nelson Mandela

Opening ourselves to what we truly believe can happen is a clear indication that we are also open to receiving it.  To breathe in the very possibility of pure Love and Peace while feeling it to the very core of who you are becomes the miracle itself.To feel unity to the depth of one's soul invites in that very real potentiality.  See it and feel it as an open flowing stream of consciousness . . . pure, golden and protected.Open to believing in the living Grace itself and your whole system will vibrate the Love Itself.

"The beauty of life . . .

. . . is to experience yourself."  Yogi Tea Philosophy

When we discover who we really are, we recognize the beauty is in us, in life, in all around us and within our very heart and soul.  It is all one grand harmonic cacophony of sight, sound and deeply felt gratitude.  Love becomes our very life and the heart finds expression at last!

"Love and compassion are necessities . . .

. . . not luxuries.  Without them, humanity cannot exist."  Dalai Lama

Love and compassion are aspects of the heart that provide understanding, comfort and a deep connection to what it is to be human, offering insight into the very existence and depth of self.  When we can connect to Love at our very core and feel the strength and power of Love itself, we know Love is the existence of all life.  In that moment of consciousness, we also know nothing is ever separate and the gift of our human life, is to embrace that very consciousness.

"This is my simple religion . . .

. . . There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophy, our own brains, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness."  Dalai Lama

Our hearts and the practice of Love and Compassion open us to all that is possible in this world because Love is the greatest force there is and we are that.  We cannot be separate from the Love that is Life because it isn't possible.  So when we stay open to expressing kindness, understanding and compassion, we are already in our true temple. In that sacred space, we connect with all the Love in the cosmos, the universe, the earth and all the higher consciousness found in our own human heart.  Kindness resonates with even more kindness and more Love is present.

"Let yourself be silently drawn . . .

. . . by the strange pull of what you really love.  It will not lead you astray."  Rumi

Love is the strongest force in the cosmos, the universe, the world, within us and all of life.  It is the impetus for continuation and growth, expansion and contraction and it is behind all cycles of shift and change.  In the process of ebb and flow, life is moved on in a way that allows and invites life to evolve through a constant expanding consciousness.  When we Love all of life and feel a deep gratitude for it, that Love responds and resonates with us.  In that truthful joy, we are not ever lead astray.  We are always one with that Love too.

"Beauty is simply reality . . .

. . . seen with the eyes of Love."  Evelyn Underhill

The heart knows beauty when it sees it.  What the heart considers to be beautiful may not be classified as beauty through the mind.  Faculties of the mind might include judgment, harshness and criticism and consequently, the ability to discount, dismiss or discredit people, items or situations based on a narrow perspective.  When we open our hearts and our minds, we begin to have a broader perspective and ultimately, we become aware of the oneness of life.  In the oneness of life, we recognize and realize all of life is based on Love.Love is the beauty the heart sees.

"Think of all the beauty still left . . .

. . . around you and be happy."  Anne Frank

No matter how dismal, how disturbing or how much in despair we can become, there is always beauty in the world, in our hearts and surrounding us in each moment.  The Love we carry is always with us and it is the greatest force in the world.  It is our very life itself.  Recognizing the beauty in the world reflects the constant beauty in our hearts and souls.  Remembering that, we are always uplifted and joy is attainable.

"Everything changes constantly . . .

. . . except Eternal Love."  The Mother - "White Roses"

If there is one thing to put our faith and heart in it is Eternal Love.  It is the one sure constant.  The whole of creation is supported by the force of Love and we are, at our core, that same Love.  When we make time each day to embrace that Pure Love and to open our hearts to it, the Eternal Love can and will shift and change our consciousness and our life.  Love is why we came here and Love is who we are.  Eternal Love is life itself.

"The quieter you become . . .

. . . the more you can hear."  Rumi

In a state of silence, we can feel our heart and hear our soul.  We can hear the depths of who we are and feel how deeply connected we are to all things and the whole of creation.  We develop compassion and realize the power and force of Love and how it truly touches us all. Silence is truly golden as is our pure essence.  Developing our ability to really listen enables our greater inner growth and expansion.

"Listen with ears . . .

. . . of tolerance.  See through eyes of compassion.  Speak with the language of Love."  Dancing with Spirit - FB

In current times of change, Love, tolerance and compassion are attributes that see us through.  A gentle and kind understanding keeps the calm and restores the peace.  Balance brings harmony and Grace, inviting us, encouraging and allowing us to be positive and grateful.  We are one world and when we remember that Love is a strong force in the world, a state of joy becomes a constant reminder of all that is good!

"If words come out of the heart . . .

. . . they will enter the heart.  Listen, my friends, that place inside of you is your only shelter."  Kabir

Listening to the heart guides us to a much deeper knowledge, understanding and compassion.  It shows us the inner beauty we are because it is our true nature.  Love is the greatest force in the world and it reflects the whole creation. Love is evolving, opening more hearts and souls to their true nature, welcoming in a new era of consciousness.  A new era that is heart based! It has always been the heart that guides us home.

"We do not heal the past . . .

 . . . by dwelling there: we heal the past by living in the present."  Marianne Williams

Imagine taking a giant golden basket on your travels down the road to your past, gathering the fondest memories in it as golden bubbles to see, love and remember.  Nothing heavy to hold onto.  Also, anything you see or feel in the past that was not positive, happy or uplifting gently, with gratitude, release it as bubbles up to the sky.  Give thanks that those energies no longer exists nor does that part of you.  Be grateful that you experienced it all and then come forward into the now moment.  Forgive yourself and all others and feel the deepest thanks you can for it all.  In each now moment, feel the joy of the present.

"The Grace is equally for all . . .

. . . But each one receives it according to his sincerity.  It does not depend on outward circumstances, but on a sincere aspiration and openness."  

Grace is an energy that uplifts, inspires and moves our consciousness higher with a vibration of Love, knowledge and truth. It is not a human energy, it comes from a much higher aspect of life.  It moves in our system as a presence and shifts and changes what is false in us into a much more solid, secure and trustworthy vibration that aligns with our very soul.  Grace touches us in ways that alter who we think we are into a purer state of our true self. When we truly aspire to sincerely open our heart and mind to that higher power, Love and Grace responds in kind.

"Love is the real work . . .

. . . of your life.  It is your spiritual path.  It is the key to your growth and evolution."  Robert Hilden

Love is the one universal, cosmic constant energy and force in the world.  It is behind the whole creation and it is the very creation itself.  Love is our truest and purest nature.  Love is present in everything.  Our mind blocks out the Love sometimes, like the dark clouds cover the sun.  Yet, even without seeing the sun, we know fully well it is still shining.Love is always there, even when it is unable to speak up for itself.  Often Love is silent and yet present all the time.  Listen with your heart and you'll hear it as it guides you with Love.

"Vision is the light . . .

. . . in the darkness - the beacon of strength that will help carry you towards true self-actualization and empowerment."  Anthony Benson

Vision is a faculty that allows for truth to open and be revealed.  When we aspire to open to our higher and highest potential, we can develop abilities to perceive and receive vision.  Vision reveals what is really there instead of what we want to be there.  It cuts through what is known to what is unknown until the truth that is there is revealed.  True gratitude follows vision because vision is always an act of grace.

" A Strong Woman is one . . .

. . . who feels deeply and loves fiercely.  Her Tears flow just abundantly as her laughter . . . A Strong Woman is both soft and powerful.  She is both practical and spiritual . . . A Strong Woman in her essence is a gift to the world."  Author Unknown - FB

Some cultures depict and describe a woman as the one who can open a man's heart and soul to himself through her Love along with her depth of knowledge and understanding.  In turn the male provides her protection through his Love and support and allows for her safe walk in the world.  When we look at the current aggression in the world and how it appears to threaten and prevent the collective peaceon our planet, it may well be time for women to remember the ancient art of manifesting a higher love.  Thereby, bringing to and through her heart and soul, Love, which invites and offers Peace through her to the men she loves and restoring balance back to earth and humanity for us all.

"I have told you already . . .

. . . that difficulties are a sign of possibilities.  So they must not upset us.  To remain quiet and confident is the best way to make them pass away quickly."  The Mother - "White Roses"

To over-react and respond harshly to things only upsets our system.  When there are problems there are also solutions.  Staying open minded and with an open heart allows the new ideas to come and invites in greater opportunities to creatively solve what needs a resolve.  When we are confident that the best solution will come we stay open to fresh ideas and learn to trust the bigger picture.

"All darkness of the world cannot put out . . .

. . . the light of one small candle."  Author Unknown

A new vision is emerging.  One of a world of Love and Peace.  It is through the heart and soul of woman who touches the heart and soul of man that the world will change.  She can take his "raw" emotions, (spelling "war" backwards) and turn them to a higher Love, which transforms his system from a more primal drive into his natural state of Peace.  As he shifts and changes with his Light, so he illuminates others and touches the earth with Love.

"Great successes are built on . . .

. . . taking your negatives and turning them around."  Summer Redstone

Negative thinking and feeling are human aspects of our human experience that can stopped, changed and transformed.  They can also run us down and drain our energy.  Negativity is everywhere and when it appears, positive energy can and does shift it for the better.  One can remain optimistic even within the experience of negative situations.  Just like knowing the sun can transform the darkest clouds, positive thoughts and feelings can also change us.  The more conscious we stay of any negatives, the more opportunities we have to shift and change them into a positive situation and experience, thus changing our energy for the better!

"The golden opportunity . . .

. . . you are seeking is in yourself."  Mary Engelbreit

With all our human senses, it is easy to look to the outside world for fulfillment, opportunity and satisfaction.  The greater search, the more expanded understanding and the deeper connection to all things lies within.  There is a depth and breath to who we are and when we aspire to know who we are through a more profound understanding, we begin to access our very essence, our being self.

"We can do no great things . . .

. . . only small things with great love."  Mother Teresa

Great Love is something we can all cultivate.  Opening our heart to love our self, those around us, those we know, the earth and the world allows Love to flow.  Love is the grandest force in the universe and it is the one verse we can all sing.  A heart filled with gratitude allows us to be more and do more with, in and through Love.

"You find a new awareness . . .

 . . . of "self" when you gently touch the hearts of others."  Regina

Touching the hearts of others opens a space for Love to flow where a previous block may have been.  Just like water moving in its true nature, Love needs an opening to flow in and out.  The motion and movement of Love creates more openings to the very force of Love from our human self to others, to earth itself and to the highest expression of Love.  When Love is a resonating energy, connecting hearts to their true ability to open, expand and express, the whole of creation can change through Love.  In that way, peace is possible.

"I can only give my best . . .

. . . to others when I am in touch with the best in myself."  Author Unknown

In our heart of Hearts, Love is always giving our best.  Resonating Love to others allows for and invites in more Love.  Opening our hearts and minds to receive and offer back Love creates a flow of energy which goes and grows. Expanding that Love allows it to go in positive directions.  In truth, we are Love and as we accept that, more of who we are becomes the energy of a living Love itself.  To feel Love and know Love also helps us to discern when we are not being Loving.  Surrendering any blockages to greater Love will always keep us balanced.

"Your heart knows things . . .

. . . that your mind can't explain."  Kushandwizoom

Levels and layers of the heart know a depth and breath we can't necessarily articulate, describe or define, yet it knows.  It can and does guide us in ways that perhaps we will only understand in hindsight.  Love is a truth we can follow and trust.  Our heart contains many gifts.  One of the greatest gifts is the ability to Love fully and to live in a continual state of gratitude.  In that way, we can always know true joy!

"I would like my life . . .

. . . to be a statement of love and compassion, and where it is not, that is where my work lies."  Ram Dass

When we can't feel Love and compassion for a person or situation, that gives us a golden opportunity to work with that area of life until we are filled with Love and compassion for it.  Blocks in our system are often due to pain, confusion or misunderstanding.  Perhaps we couldn't love something before or fought against it.  Looking back now, once it is well in the past, we can find a Loving renewal, gratitude and compassion for our self when we couldn't open to it.  In that way, our Love evolves and so do we.

"I have learned silence . . .

. . . from the talkative, tolerance from the intolerant, and kindness from the unkind.  I should not be ungrateful to these teachers."  Kahlil Gibran

Being alive is a great gift as is learning.  When we are grateful for all teachers and all life lessons we begin to see that everything is a gift, allowing us to grow and go forward.  Just like waves hitting against the rocks, a carving of sorts occurs and both are needed for the re-shaping.  To learn what we need to learn, often we are presented the opposite force.  Gratitude for the new awareness opens our heart and sets us free.

"All truths are easy to understand . . .

. . . once they are discovered, the point is to discover them."  Galileo

The inspiration to discover the truth comes from our heart and soul's longing to remember itself.  When we are guided to go within to discover who we are and why we are here, it is an amazing journey.  On the path, we may also experience that that we are not yet to awaken, that is necessary.  Gratitude for the evolving awareness lifts any pain up to greater and greater illumination!

"There is only one time . . .

. . . when it is essential to awaken.  That time is now."  Buddha

Awakening to our truth is not easy yet it is an essential task.  To realize who we are is a gift and through that level of consciousness, we open to and understand the higher realm of Love, life and why we are here.  The time is now to open to our highest possibilities and to expand that Light and Love to others.  As we dwell in the now, we awaken to our highest potentialities and vibrate to a higher collective truth.